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Game NamePokemon Storm Silver
Size59 MB

Pokemon Storm Silver ROM is an enhanced version of the Pokemon Soul Silver game where you can enjoy plenty of new features.

The storylines of both Pokemon Storm Silver and Pokemon Soul Silver are similar however, this one is a more updated version. Let’s discuss what features you will get and the storyline of this game.

Storyline of Pokemon Storm Silver ROM

The gameplay starts when a player sets out on a Johto region journey. You collected and trained plenty of Pokemon and made them ready to defeat the big gym leaders.

These gym leaders were 8 in number, so you have to be powerful enough to defeat them all. Also, your journey will start from the New Bark Town of the southeastern Johto region, which is a pretty beautifully designed area.

The main character is Pokemon who challenged the Champion and Elite Four to show themselves as the best trainer. 

Pokemon Storm Silver Game Screenshots

Also, remember that Team Rocket is your biggest rival group in this game, and to defeat them, you need legendary Pokemon creatures.

Currently, there are a total of 493 Pokemon available in this game that you can capture, and just like you experience in other versions of this series, all these creatures are important owing to their unique abilities.

The main purpose behind this Pokemon Storm Silver is to enhance the gameplay by making improvements, the difficulty increases, and the addition of new characters.

All these specialties make this game a wonderful experience for everyone. Let’s see what features this game will prove the best and most interesting to you. 

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How to play Pokemon Storm Silver on PC?

There is a big concern of people related to this game whether it will run on PCs and how we can do that. Following are the steps that will help to run this game on PC.

  1. First of all, you download a Nintendo emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the ROM of Pokemon Storm Silver. 
  3. Open emulator> Select “File”> Open ROM> Location
  4. In the end, just customize your controls and here you go.

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Storm Silver ROM on your PC or via emulator on any device you like and start enjoying the best features. One feature that makes this version different from the other is that it provides the most exciting and challenging experience for both the pro-Pokemon game players and the new trainers.

As I have explained earlier, owing to new moves, immersive gameplay, the addition of many new Pokemon creatures, and many quests it is the best game of the Pokemon series.