Gameboy Color ROMs

Pokemon Game Boy Color ROMs are copies of Pokemon Game Boy Color Games. Specially developed for Gaming atheists who can not handle a handheld console but are addicted to these lovely console games and want to play them.

Pokemon Game Boy Color is also a brilliant invention by Nintendo from its Gameboy console series. In 1998, this was the first device with an 8-bit Sharp processor with an enhanced palette of up to 16 colors for playing games in different color modes. Before this, there were only black-and-white games. :D

But in the era of the latest devices where we have Mac, iOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and many more high-end technologies it seems to be insane to use these handheld consoles.

Some people still love playing on it but most prefer to use the ROM files to enjoy their favorite Pokemon games using a simple emulator on any device. So, Download your pet Pokemon games from the given list using our high-quality fast servers and spend your leisure time enjoying them.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best Pokemon Gameboy Color Game?

My favorites are Pokemon – Yellow, Pokemon – Red, and Pokemon – Crystal.

How to Play GBC Games on GBA Emulator?

You can play some GBC games on GBA emulators but I suggest you use GBC emulators like Visual Boy Advance instead of wasting your time on different devices

How many GBC games are there?

There are around 917 licensed GBC games.

Is Game Boy Color the same as GBA?

GBA is a 32-bit handheld game console released as a successor to  GBC. There are some technological advancements and better color modes are available in GBA as compared to GBC.