Pokemon NDS ROMs

NDS ROMs are the game files for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console and contain the original NDS game cartridge. Pokemon NDS ROMs are Pokemon video game series ROM files developed to play games on Windows, Android, iOS, and MAC books with the help of an Emulator instead of using the game console.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Dual Screen handheld game console is the invention and publication of Nintendo which is a Japanese-based company. This was launched across the world between 2004 to 2005 as a successor of the Game Boy Advance and is similar to the Game Boy Advance SP in shape.

You can also connect multiple devices of this game console over Wi-Fi in short range. The concept of multiplayer gaming is driven by this machine for the first time.


There are a total 51 NDS Pokemon games that are licensed under Nintendo. Other hundred other games are the copies developed by the game fans to make the game more adorable. My favorite games in the NDS series are Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Platinum.

What is NDS in gaming?

NDS is abbreviated as Nintendo DS Read-Only Memory System which are the games especially built for Nintendo DS handheld gaming console.

File type for NDS ROMs

These files are of SRL extension and you will get them from our website in ZIP compressed files.

Is NDS better than GBA?

NDS is a step forward towards modern gaming while the Pokemon GBA series are somehow old-fashioned black-and-white games. But both have their own touch and have a wide fan following.