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Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Bloody Platinum ROM
Size48 MB
LanguageEnglish and others

Pokemon Bloody Platinum is a remake or we can say a fan-based hack version of Pokemon Platinum. With the passage of time, as the Pokemon game series is gaining more and more popularity, the fan developers also try to make it more fun and put their contributions to it. And one such fan-based game version is this one. 

Some of the major changes that are happening in this version are, more unique characters, the addition of new Pokemon creatures, the availability of many new items, more challenges, and the difficulty level has also been increased in it, which makes the whole game more interesting even for players who have already played the original version. You may also like Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux ROM.

About Pokemon Bloody Platinum ROM:

It is the beauty of the ROM hacks that they introduce the same concept in a better way. And players who love any game series will always like to play their hack version as well.

The version we are offering you here is developed by “Bufly” and it is the updated version where you will visit new regions, and participate in the daily events, and the best feature you are able to capture Zekrom Pokemon in this version, which is a dragon/electric type Pokemon having legendary properties. 

Some Game Screenshots


Capture New Pokemon:

There are a total of 493 Pokemon available in this version in which you are able to capture 491. Some of the most famous Pokemon creatures available in this version are Cyndaquil, Totodile, Grimer, Pidgey, Riolu, and others.

Also, remember that to capture these Pokemon you have to explore a lot of different places, such as Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, and Valley Windworks like all other places. 

And there are many Pokemon that are only available during the day and some are at night, so you have to consider this aspect as well while catching them. For more information, you can visit this document.

I have entered the list of Pokemon available here, their timing, and the places you need to visit to catch them. There are many gender-based Pokemon that are also available, and the best thing is that they are in different colors, so you can easily get to know them. 


A lot of Events:

Events are something that makes this game interesting because you get to know a new storyline every time. Also, these events introduce new characters to the players as well. That is why most players wanted to participate in them, and this version has a lot of them.

Moreover, it is not essential to participate in all the events, it is completely up to you, if you want to avoid just skip them. 

Some Other Features:

  1. Introduction of New Spirits
  2. Improved Graphics
  3. More attractive Soundtrack
  4. Days and Night Cycle Available
  5. No need to trade Pokemon, you can easily get everyone in this version. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Bloody Platinum ROM if you want to experience more features. Also, I have personally played it and according to my experience, this version is completely lags free as well as you will experience quite interesting gameplay in it. I also suggest you try other Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Uranium ROM.