Pokemon 3DS ROMs

Here you will get Pokemon 3DS ROMs to play on Citra or any other emulator. You can download all formats i.e. CIA, encrypted, and decrypted files. These Pokemon 3DS games are totally free and safe to download for your Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows.

Pokemon 3DS Games

Nintendo 3DS handheld game console has changed the history of console gaming by introducing 3D graphics. This beautiful device is the invention of Nintendo and it was introduced in Japan in 2011 as a successor of Nintendo DS.

With some hardware improvements, a unique clamshell design, 3.53 and 3.2 inches two widescreens, an SD card slot, a motion sensor, a gyroscope, a touch screen, a touchpad, and a built-in camera this machine is revolutionary.

After sales of millions of units of Nintendo 3DS and diverted the interest of people in 3DS games like the Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart 7 as diverted to old black-and-white games. Pokemon video game series developers also introduced Pokemon Sun, Moon, X, Y, Alpha, Omega for 3DS consoles.

Pokemon 3DS ROMs

3DS games are the first step towards the modern FPS and multiplayer games. Now people have more options available on their mobile devices. But they still want to remember the old days by playing their favorite games.

So, In this era of modern technologies for comforting new generation players 3DS ROMs are also introduced to enjoy these small but cute games on any device without using a portable gaming console.

What are CIA Files?

CIA file is a CTR Importable Archive used to install games on Nintendo 3DS handheld game consoles.

What are encrypted or decrypted ROM files?

There are two types of 3DS ROM files available. Encrypted files are known as the more secure files while decrypted files are better in terms of visual and game performance.

How to Play 3DS ROMS?

For playing ROMS you need an emulator and the best emulator for playing 3DS ROMs is Citra.