Download Pokemon Zeta Omicron ROM to experience the unique gameplay of this fan-made game. You can play this game on any GBA Emulator with respect to your device and operating system. For storyline, gameplay, cheats, and walkthrough stick with me.

Orignal VersionRPGMXP
Patch Version & Size1.5.5.2 (Completed) – 100 MB
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Developerthesuzerain, Sir_Willis_CMS


The story is mainly based on two evil teams Team Olympus led by Zeus (Omicron), and Team Asgard led by Odin (Zeta). These monster leaders want themselves to be known as gods of the world. They would try every possible move and strategy to destroy the world as they have started a program of turning Pokemon into shaded, corrupted versions of themselves.

You are a young hero and a newly trained Pokemon master from Nyasa Town of  Vesryn region. You have been assigned the task of defeating the evil plans of these demons by capturing all Pokemon and training them so they do not abuse their powers.

Pokemon Zeta Omicron

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The region is divided into three different continents and you have to save the complete region accordingly. You begin from the mainland by fighting and capturing different Pokemon and trainers and go into the chrome circle where you have to fight with Elite Four to unlock the route for Vesryn Spear. You also need to go to another region known as Aroma which is also in danger as evil teams have implemented their scheme there firstly. Also, check out another famous GBA ROM Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign of Legends.

Pokemon Zeta Omicron ROM Walkthrough

Your journey will start after you open the game, enter your name, and select your gender. After that, you must go to Professor Oak’s lab to choose your starter Pokemon. Now you have to fight with different Gym leaders and Pokemon trainers to upgrade your XP, level, and move set and equip different objects that will help fight against evil monsters.

Some of the objects you will get are Running shoes, Aerodactylite, a License Template, a Cinnabar Ticket, an Amulet Coin, a Medical License, a Noibat, and a Hawlucha.

You have to fight with 8 Gyms, as well as trainers and evil organizations like Elite Four, and Team Asgard to save the Pokemon world completely. You will get Pokedex to fill with different Pokemon creatures by exploring different areas, cities, towns, forests, routes, caves, underwater cities, and many more places in the region. This is the complete walkthrough you have to follow a proper strategy to get the victory and become a champion.

Game Features

  • 649 Pok√©mon of the first 5 generations and XY Pokemon.
  • All Mega Evolutions are available in the game.
  • Two different regions to explore in a single gameplay.
  • Approx 80 hours of playtime
  • Many new areas include underwater cities, cities in the clouds, and even in space.
  • Many legendary Pokemon with a high level of power and abilities.
  • Fakemon are also included.
  • Both single-player and multiplayer modes of play are available.
  • New HM and TM locations i.e Hone Claws, Dragon Claw


Sometimes cheat codes do not work so it is recommended to use a cheat engine instead of codes to get your things done effectively.

  • Speed up Cheat: 1iusd9w8kbjsabd92
  • Rare Candy Cheat: jhsdgu8w21