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Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Y ROM
Size1.5 GB

With the addition of new Pokemon, interesting gameplay, a unique storyline, and the introduction of new features make this Pokemon Y ROM one of the best Pokemon games of all time. It was first released in 2013 and since that time till now it is the center of attraction for gamers. You can play this role-playing genre game via a 3DS emulator on Windows PC, Macbook, Android Cell Phone, and IOS. 

About Pokemon Y ROM:

An interesting feature of this Pokemon game which is liked by almost every player is the introduction of a new region called the Kalos Region. With the 3D visuals, you would also like this region a lot. While exploring the area with the aim of capturing new Pokemon you will pass through a lot of fields, dungeons, mud mountains, cities, and multiple other places. To your surprise here you will also see the game replica of the original Eiffel tower as well. 

And just like all other Pokemon games, in this 6th generation game, the professor will start the introduction when the players commence playing it. In the region of Kalos, Augustin Sycamore is the professor. Read the text that appears on the screen and you will get to know all your further tasks and other information about this game. 

Professor Augustin Sycamore Image

What really makes this game pretty enjoyable for players is the advanced-level combat system. Here players unfold a lot of new strategies, use unique items to boost the powers of their selected creatures, and can also use the Mega Evolution feature that will help a lot to win the battle in just no time. 

To increase the chances of winning the battles you should capture powerful Pokemon and make them your friends. As a trainer, it is your duty as well to train the wild Pokemon creatures to make sure that they become friends and help you grab the winning titles in the battles against other trainers.   

After capturing the Pokemon you can also evolve them into more attractive creatures by using different items. In this way, new features and capabilities will be introduced and they become more powerful than before. But keep in mind that there are certain Pokemon that you can evolve, not every single Pokemon is available for this purpose. 

Game Image


Multiple Tournaments:

In this game, numerous tournaments have been introduced where you battle to show your moves to increase the joy of all the Pokemon trainers. Moreover, winners also get different items as rewards from these tournaments as well. That is why I suggest you must participate in it but before that make sure your Pokemon are well-trained and you also have different potions to help them win the game. 

Meet with new Characters

New Pokemon:

In Pokemon Y 3DS ROM 700+ different Pokemon creatures have been introduced. And among them, almost 70 are completely new to experience. Here you will see Pokemon with multiple features such as flying ones, fast runners, and many others, which provide you top-notch gameplay experience. 

Explore the Region:

Believe me, the region of Kalos is a pretty large area, and to explore all the places first you have to complete the requirements means having essential items to visit. Also, all the places contain multiple mysteries and numerous Pokemon creatures to capture. 

Explore the Area

Pokemon Trading:

A trading feature has also been introduced in this game where you can exchange your Pokemon with other trainers. Moreover, in this Y version of the Pokemon Game, you can also gift each other in order to increase performance. You can send Pokemon eggs and many other rewards as well.

Real-Time Training:

You can also participate with your favorite Pokemon in real-time training, where multiple other trainers are also available. Through these features, you get to know about a lot of new features of this game and other interesting facts about your selected Pokemon. Moreover, you will get rewards here as well. 

Three Starter Pokemons of Pokemon Y ROM

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Final Words:

With so many advanced level interesting features Pokemon Y ROM is now available on the internet to play. I have played this game a lot and after getting all the information about it, I have decided to share it with all of you. Read the complete article here I have covered all the essential information about this game.