Pokemon XY Naturia Image

Pokemon XY: Naturia ROM was created by “com3tiin” but unfortunately no ones when. It is an open game for everyone, which means you won’t have to pay to play this one. We provide you the “Beta 0.4.1” version on this page and it is the Hack of the most famous Pokemon Gold Version. And if you want to know all other information, such as its excellent features, interesting storyline and engaging gameplay, then keep reading. 

Pokemon XY: Naturia ROM Gameplay:

Enhanced Battle Mechanics: 

While adhering to the traditional turn-based combat system Pokemon is renowned for, “Naturia” adds layers of strategic depth. This installment introduces the ‘Nature Power-Up’ system, wherein a Pokemon’s nature (like Adamant or Timid) plays a pivotal role in battle dynamics, enhancing certain moves or abilities, providing more strategic variety.

Open-world Exploration: 

Breaking away from the linear progression of previous games, “Naturia” offers players an open world to explore. This grants them the freedom to approach challenges and gyms in any order they choose. With dynamic weather conditions affecting both battles and Pokemon encounters, players are constantly adapting to the evolving world around them.

Team Dynamics: 

“Naturia” focuses heavily on double battles. Players need to consider the synergies between their Pokemon pairs, maximizing their combined strengths. The bond between Pokemon also becomes crucial, with more synchronized pairs delivering powerful combo moves.


The story is set in the sprawling region of Naturia, a land where nature’s harmony has been the cornerstone of life. This balance is threatened when a mysterious organization seeks to exploit the legendary Pokemon, Gaialeaf, capable of controlling all natural elements.

Players assume the role of a young trainer, who, after a chance encounter with Gaialeaf, a legendary Pokemon available in the Naturia region, finds themselves embroiled in a quest to thwart the hostile plans of this organization. Along the journey, players unravel the myths behind Naturia’s rich history and the true reason behind the bond between Pokemon and trainers.


Nature Biomes: 

Every area in Naturia is themed around a specific nature type, like Forest, Cave, or Beach. Each biome enhances Pokemon of the corresponding nature, making battles even more tactical.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle and Seasons: 

Depending on the time and season, players will encounter different Pokemon and challenges. This offers a dynamic gameplay experience, encouraging players to revisit areas and strategize their journeys.

Nature Bond: 

A unique feature, this bond level measures the sync between the player and their Pokemon. A higher bond leads to better combo moves in battles and unique interactions in the overworld.

Naturia Festivals: 

Throughout the year, special events and festivals take place. Players can participate in unique challenges, battles, and mini-games to win rare items and Pokemon.


Pokemon XY: Naturia ROM is more than just another entry in the Pokemon series. It’s an evolution, offering players a rich blend of engaging gameplay, compelling narrative, and innovative features. Its emphasis on nature, bonding, and exploration resonates with both longtime fans and newcomers, ensuring it a revered spot in the annals of Pokemon history.

Game Screenshots of Pokemon XY: Naturia ROM