Pokemon X ROM Image

Download Pokemon X ROM on your devices, which supports the 3DS console and emulator and contains a lot of advanced features. It is a 6th generation game and developers have improved the gameplay a lot in it, such as the presence of advanced 3D graphics, more attractively designed characters, etc. Moreover, among plenty of features, the best ones are Mega Evolution and the availability of Legendary Pokemon, which provide you with a better experience. 

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon X Version
Size1.5 GB

About Pokemon X ROM:

This version comes in multiple languages and the cloud storage of the game saves your game, so you can resume the game easily. Just after the start of the Pokemon game Professor Augustine Sycamore welcomes you on the journey of the Pokemon world and commences the introduction. 

Here you play in the Kalos Region where different Pokemon creatures are available in every corner of the world. Not only that there is plenty of flying Pokemon also available with them you fought many surprise sky battles. Also, here you enjoy 3D graphics that will provide you with a pretty realistic view of the whole Pokemon world.

Game Image

After a good start to the day in the city of Vaniville where your family just moved in. The neighbors’ kids send you the invitation to visit Professor Sycamore’s house and introduce you to the starting Pokemon, which helps you in the journey of catching new Pokemon to ready yourself to fight with the evil team named “The Team Flare”. 

The starting Pokemon are Fennekin the fire-type Pokemon, Chespin the grass-type Pokemon, and Froakie the water-type Pokemon. All these three are good and it is completely your choice which one to select. However, I have selected the Fennekin because I have been impressed with its fire feature. 

Three Starter Pokemon

What really makes this game different from the others is the presence of new training mechanics where you can upgrade your selected Pokemon creature pretty fast, the presence of character customization, now you can provide a more attractive look to your characters due to the presence of plenty of options, and some other features. You may also like to download Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM 100% working files.


New Legendary Pokemon:

These are rare types of Pokemon having special abilities and if you are able to capture any one of them your chances of winning the battles against the evil teams become pretty high. Moreover, all the legendary Pokemon are pretty attractive in appearance, such as Xerneas, a fairy-type Pokemon having horns of rainbow colors and an appearance like deer.

Some of the other Legendary Pokemon of the X version are Mewtwo, Zygarde, Yveltal, and many legendary birds are also available in this Pokemon X 3DS ROM. Also, remember that you are only able to capture any 4 among the 7 available in this X version. 

Visit Multiple Places:

This Pokemon world is filled with plenty of beautiful places, such as mountains, forests, fields, etc. The area of the Kalos region is pretty wide and to expand your Pokedex you will visit multiple cities where the most famous ones are Lumiose City and Shalour City and capture a lot of different Pokemon. Both of these cities have amazing views and are popular in many aspects.

Explore the Area

New Pokemon:

More than 700 different Pokemon creatures are available in Pokemon X ROM and every single one of them has unique features and abilities. Some of the best Pokemon to catch are Staryu, Houndour, Poochyena, and others. Also, try your best to get the Fairy-Type Pokemon as well because in this version you have to fight with the dragon-type Pokemon and only these fairy Pokemon would be able to overcome them. If you want to play with some unique new generation Pokemon download Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM

Group Battles:

You can participate in online multi-battles where different players participate and those teams have powerful creatures and are able to build a good strategy will win. Also, try Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter ROM.

Online Multi Battles

Final Words:

Download Pokemon X ROM and start enjoying action-packed adventurous gameplay in it. Along with the addition of new features, the old features that players have experienced in the previous version of Pokemon games have also been improved in it.