Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux ROM

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux ROM Introduction!

Game NamePokemon Volt White 2 Redux
Size150 MB

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux is not an original version but a ROM hack of the most famous game Pokemon White 2 ROM.

Hacks of Pokemon games add an extra layer of adventure and owing to these you are able to enjoy more features and advanced-level graphics.

It is also an enhanced version where a lot of changes make it more challenging and fun for players. 

This version is created by Drayano who has created several other Pokemon game hacks as well. So, I am sure that just like his other hacks you will surely like this one too.

You will explore the Unova region in this game, where you visit several distinct areas and capture numerous Pokemon there.

In this region, you will visit areas like cities, towns, and even forests and mountains like many other places. 

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux Game Screenshots

About Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux:

There are plenty of features in this version, and I have explained each one here, so read it completely. 

Increase Difficulty: 

You might think that if you have already played the White 2 version then you can easily play this one as well, but that’s not true. You will face a lot of new challenges and difficulties in this version that are not present in the original version ever before. Now the Gym Leaders and trainers are more powerful, which makes the gameplay more interesting for users. If you love challenges then another difficult Pokemon game Pokemon Black Version ROM is also available here.

Expanded Pokedex:

The addition of many new Pokemon makes this game even more interesting. Moreover, the maker has also modified the look of the old Pokemon creatures as well, so you will enjoy a completely new experience in it.

There are a total of 649 Pokemon creatures available in this game and the best thing is that there is no need to do trading to get all. Just explore the areas and you get at least 8 Pokemon in every area, even some containing even more. 

 Multiple Improvements:

The maker has also added the hack of unlimited usage of Move Reminder and Move Deleter in this version. So, from now on you can easily remember the forgotten movies in the Pokemon and customize them in any way you like. 

Addition of New Moves and Abilities:

The addition of new moves and abilities evolves this game into a more strategic one. Now by considering these new abilities, you are able to create a more powerful team of Pokemon.

Some of the most important additions are “Dragon Dance” which you can add in Pokemon Flygon, “Sheer Force” which helps in removing the additional effects in the Pokemon, etc. I suggest you explore this game a bit more and get to know all the additional moves. 


Updated TMs:

If you have ever played the original version of this game then you know that this feature is not present there. However, the makers have added it to this hack version, so now you can teach your Pokemon new move sets and enjoy the gameplay. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux ROM and enjoy a new fresh and engaging experience. If you are looking for something new and exciting then I am sure that you love this version where a lot of things have been added in this Unova Region.

As I have explained earlier the difficulty level has been increased in this version, and to match it new powers have also been introduced in the Pokemon creatures, making it one of the best games. Also, for more interesting games like Pokemon Manly Pink ROM, you can explore this website.