Download the Pokemon Uranium Version ROM file to play the game on any operating system i.e. Android, iOS, or Windows using an Emulator. This ROM is built with the codebase of three fabulous Pokemon games Soul Silver, Ruby, and Diamond version with a unique graphical interface.


DeveloperGary (fanmade/hack)
Size265 MB
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
PlateformsAndroid, iOS, Windows

Pokemon Uranium ROM Storyline

The story is based on three main characters Vitor, Natalie, and Pluto, and featured in the Tandor region. The main character is our hero who has lost his mother due to a nuclear power plant explosion. Here the story begins and the hero’s father departs him to his aunt and leaves the town to forget the memories of his beloved wife.


Due to this incident, there is a fire inside the young hero to find out the reason behind this incident so he always tries to suspect suspicious things around him. And then he meets with Professor Bamb’o who tell him about the Pokemon world.


When our young hero heard the incredible stories of the Pokemon world he start practicing to become a Pokemon trainer as he wish to become the Champion of the Pokemon league. Here the game starts and Prof. gives you starter Pokemon to explore different areas and capture different Pokemon and fill your Pokedex to fight with eight gym leaders and get their badges to become the Pokemon champion.

The other protagonist meets you on the way to your journey and you will form a team to help each other against fighting with evil teams and to exp share. In this unlocked god mode version of the game, you have to explore around 200 Pokemon locations to capture all nuclear Pokemon and form a mega evolution. Do not forget to check Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo to enjoy another breathtaking adventure.

Features of Pokemon Uranium

  • New maps and areas to explore through different passages including caves, ponds, rivers, labyrinths, and many more incredible locations.
  • Extracting and grinding of nuclear fossils for under-leveled nuclear Pokemon to help them grow.
  • New hidden moves and abilities
  • Mystery gifts and sprites on completion of the ninja quests and other newly added events.
  • Evil teams and legendary Pokemon are also included which are completely different from old Pokemon games.
  • Birbie, Jerbolta, Dunsparce, Ostara, Yoshitaka, Name Rater, Hazma, Hagoop, Jerbolta, Jungore, Kellyn, Nupin, Owten, Tracton, Yatagaryu are the most famous electric, double and nuclear type Pokemon in the game.
  • Speed up button to fasten the character speed.
  • Hair Fossil, cheat engine, ufo, team builder, shiny cheats, bealbeach city egg are also available to use.,
  • Poke Radar to detect Pokemon from long grass.
  • Use different cheats and codes to get premium items and Pokemon.