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Game NamePokemon Unbound
Size19 MB

Pokemon Unbound ROM is a Hack of FireRed Version and it contains completely new areas to explore, such as the tropical region of Borrius, a lot of new features, and multiple new adventures. This fantastic version is created by Skeli, a talented developer, and he makes it one of the best, so you will see new characters, villains, Pokemon, and a lot of other things that I have explained in this article. 

About Pokemon Unbound ROM:

At the start of the game, you get to know about the storyline and a thorough introduction to the Borrius and Kalos Regions. In the introduction, you get to know about the fight between these two regions where the Borrius Region king summoned dark forces. And due to these dark forces’ magic different portals in the air were opened and they sent all the Kalos Region army back to their area.

At that point, the war could be ended, however, the king due to his power lust sent his army through the portal to the Kalos region as well. And this way the fight between these two regions continues for several years. 

Pokemon Unbound game Image

In this war between two regions, many men and Pokemon meet their end. Among these killed Pokemon one is the dear friend of the Kalosian king. Although later the king managed to create a device to achieve immortality for his Pokemon friend, however, in its journey, he was completely engulfed with anger and also created the ultimate weapon, a deadly war machine, and with that machine, the war ended.

Also, at that time the dark forces were also sealed, so no one would be able to use them again. However, years later a group named “ The Shadow” is now trying to get the dark power back and it is your mission to stop them from fulfilling their bad desires. You can also download the Pokemon Leaf Green Version.

New Region to Explore:

The region of Borrius is a new entry to this game and by completing the challenges you will explore it completely. You will see a lot of new locations, such as lush jungles, sandy beaches, underwater cities, and many other unique places. Also, the best thing about each location contains unique Pokemon, new characters, and many villains.


Original Story Line:

Unlike many other Pokemon games where you experience the same storyline and villains, this version contains a unique storyline, new villains, allies, and top of all immersive and engaging gameplay. 

Mega Evolutions:

If you are a Pokemon game lover then you know that the mega evolution feature was first introduced in X and Y versions and to consider its popularity the makers of this version introduced this feature here as well. Now you can transform all Pokemon during battles, which adds more joy to the game. Also, keep in mind that you can only use this feature once in a battle, so choose the Pokemon wisely on which you are using this feature. 

Presence of Shadow Pokemon:

The presence of the Shadow Pokemon is a key feature of this game. These are the corrupted Pokemon and to make them your friend, first, you have to purify them. These Pokemon have special moves and abilities that can help you a lot in the battle against the villains.


New Pokemon Creatures:

There are more than 200+ Pokemon available in this version and every single one of them has unique abilities, powers, and unique characteristics. 

Final Words:

Download the Pokemon Unbound ROM Version and experience attractive graphics, excellent gameplay, and many new features in this game. You can also get other games of this Pokemon series from this website as well, such as Giratina Strikes Back GBA ROM.