Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Image

Here comes another hack version of the Pokemon FireRed game named Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM, which is quite unique in the gameplay and contains many other features if we compare it with the basic version. Here players will experience more unique plots and multiple interesting events. 

Although it is the hack version, as I have explained earlier the developer has made sure to overhaul all the bugs and issues that playing is complaining along with the addition of many other features like playing with unique spirits, the inclusion of more unique places, availability of all first two generations of Pokemon and many others.

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Ultra Violet
File Size5 MB
Language USA English Only
Supporting ConsoleGBA

About Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM:

Along with many other features, in this hack version, players has also the authority to select their favorite Pokemon to start the game, contrary to the original version where Professor Oak provides you the three options. At the start of the game, you will get 30 safari balls, which means 30 different chances to get your favorite Pokemon. Keep in mind that if you won’t be able to catch your favorite Pokemon then you have to start with the ones you have caught in the 30 attempts. That is why use these balls wisely. 

Pokemon Game Image


A Quite Interesting Gameplay:

The basic reason people love to play the Pokemon game is that their love to catch different Pokemon creatures. And Considering this thing in mind the developers of this game put this feature as a top priority in this game. Players will start playing this game by catching the Pokemon and for this, they will explore many different places in the game.

Wild Encounters:

To catch the Pokemon players have to analyze the situation. The first and most common method to discover Pokemon is in fantastic Pokemon matches. Just walk out into the grass or into a cave in any match, and it won’t be extended until a fantastic Pokemon leap out from its hiding spot for a fight and you will find the new unique Pokemon. 

Meeting with other characters

Addition of New Movesets:

In-game, you have an opportunity to experience more interesting Movesets, which make the game fully pleasant. If you compare this ROM version to the last ones, then here 115+ new Unique moves have been added, making this game attractive. Moreover, there are many adventures that are also added to it and you have the choice to select the difficulty level of all of them.

Game Image

List of Some Other Features of Pokemon Ultra Violet GBA ROM:

  1. More Advanced Graphics
  2. Availability of New Areas to Explore
  3. Addition of more Pokeballs for you. 
  4. 50+ different Pokemon included
  5. And many others. 

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