Download Pokemon Toxic Purple ROM Hack and get ready for an immersive gameplay experience of another modified Pokemon game. The difficulty level is increased so get ready for exclusive battles against powerful Gyms, trainers, and Pokemon creatures.

Developer & PublisherAstinus
Orignal VersionPokemon Fire Red
LanguageOriginal Version
VersionAlpha 1
Size5.23 MB
Release Year2009
Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance
GenreRole-Playing, Adventure

Pokemon Toxic Purple ROM Download

In the game, the player has a default name Corey which is created by the developer who is a fan of organized crime and old mafias like Godfather. The player’s partner’s name is Leone and he is from Cerulean city. After graduating from Team Rocket training camp which is hidden somewhere in Saffron City player gets his first job which is in Lavender Town.



It’s time to be a warrior to fulfill your personal and organizational goals and help Team Rocket to achieve the goals they gave you training for. You have to bribe the East gate security guards to go the Lavender Town to Poach Cubone in Pokemon Tower which is the first step in taking over Lavender Town. After that, you have to protect yourself from Mewtwo and its self-imposed exile by cutting off slowpoke tails.


Get ready for the rookie officer Jenny while taking off Radio Tower director as a hostage because it is always spying on you. You have to be as good as you can to understand the complex radio signals and can block them as well which are going to help you find your missing boss Giovanni. In simple words this time you have to be a professional detective, boss, criminal, and protector all at once. You may also like Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel.


  • New Starters: In this game, you are a grunt and can only access Rattata, so it is very important to find some other Pokemon as fast as you can.
  • Custom Sprites: All sprites are changed by the creator of this ROM including Overworld.
  • No Gym Challenge: In this ROM hack, you only have to fight with Sabrina all other fights are terminated.
  • Huge Number of Rivals: Instead of Gyms this time you have to fight openly with no rules and regulations with your rivals which are very large in numbers. i.e. Red in Kanto and Kris in Johto are waiting for your arrival.
  • HM-free Game: You will get toxic purple with the help of Key items instead of Rock Smash and Waterfall.
  • New Characters and Maps: East-West Underground Tunnel
  • Small team size: Opposite to other Pokemon ROM hacks in this ROM you only have the capacity of six members in your Pokedex. It is the time to work smart than work hard, instead of finding all Pokemon you need to find powerful legendaries.

Important: You are not allowed to heal yourself by the ROM author, you can steal Pokemon from Pokemon trainers, you only have Pokemon from Kanto and Johto, and Pokemon from Hoenn or Sinnoh is also not available in this game.


Pokemon Toxic Purple Cheats

  • Unlimited Rare Candies: 820258400044
  • Master Code for Master Balls from Pokemarts: 82003884 0001
  • Walkthrough Walls: 78DA95DF 44018CB4
  • Endless HP: 01ff16dd0