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Basic Information:

NamePokemon Theta Emerald EX
Hack ofPokemon Emerald
Size14 MB
Created ByLCCoolJ95

Pokemon Theta Emerald ROM is not a new version but a remake of an existing Pokemon Emerald version and is created by LCCoolJ95. Some of the advanced features that have been introduced in it are the addition of new Pokemon, plenty of advanced moves, special events, updated graphics, and many more. Owing to its plenty of new features this version is liked by many and people still wanted to know more about it. So, here comes the complete information about it. 

About Pokemon Theta Emerald ROM:

The addition of new Pokemon is the feature that attracts a lot of gamers towards it. Currently, there are 650 Pokemon creatures available in it. Some of the legendary Pokemon are Zapdos, Ho-oh, Lugia, Raikou, Entei, Zapdos, Moltres, Azelf, and others. Moreover, you will also see the iconic Pikachu in this version as well. 

The improved graphics is also another interesting feature of this game. You will see quite interesting animations as well as updated looks of all the Pokemon creatures. So, you will experience a completely unique experience in it. 

Game Screenshots


New Moves:

Over 100 new move sets have been introduced in this version, so capture different Pokemon that are available in this version and start teaching them new move sets. All these make the gameplay pretty unique for you and, I am sure, you will enjoy it a lot. 

Fairy Type Pokemon:

Yes, you read it right, the fairy-type Pokemon is also available in this updated version. So, you are able to enjoy their magic powers. 

Pokemon Theta Emerald game settings

Special Events:

The addition of Special Pokemon Events will keep you entertained a lot. Some of the most popular events that I have enjoyed a lot and quite popular are Old Sea Map, Desert Underpass, MysticTicket, Marine Cave, Terra Cave, and others. All these events are quite interesting and you are able to capture Pokemon in them as well. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Theta Emerald is one of the best Pokemon Hack of Emerald versions and owing to the features that I have explained in this article you will enjoy it a lot. Also, try other Pokemon games as well such as Pokemon Zeta Omicron ROM.

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