Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA ROM Image

Would you like to play the most advanced Pokemon game then try this Pokemon Sword and Shield ROM, which contains 80+ completely new Pokemon creatures, new completely diverse region, unlock a lot of new adventures, and many other features that makes this game a top-notch one among all other of its kind. And in this article, I am going to cover all the information, so keep reading. 

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Sword & Shield

About Pokemon Sword and Shield ROM GBA:

This role-playing genre game was first released in 2019 and it belongs to the 8th generation, which is a pretty advanced one. Therefore, from the graphics to the soundtrack, every single thing is professionally created and makes the whole gameplay a lot more interesting. 

When you start playing this game the very first thing that appears on the screen is the selection of the appearance of the main protagonist aka the Pokemon trainer. A total of 8 different characters and you have to select the one to move forward. 

Game Screenshot

And after that same as other Pokemon games do some other settings and start playing. The region where the game starts is called Galar, where to become the no.1 Pokemon trainer you have to fight with Leon, the best of the Galar region. 

Moreover, here is another interesting feature for those who like to play the Pokemon SUN and MOON games. This game also contains the features of those games, so with this single one you enjoy both old and new features.



It is a new feature that is introduced in this Pokemon Sword & Shield game where you can increase the size, HP, and move sets powers of Pokemon creatures to increase the chances of winning the game. Through this feature, you will see how your Pokemon will become a giant one-like monster, and throw the opponent in no time. Also, keep in mind that this feature will work temporarily, you won’t be able to get permanent giant-size Pokemon. 

Fight The Battles:

To win the batches and most importantly to increase the level of your caught Pokemon you have to fight against the other trainers in the arenas. Just like other Pokemon games here, you will also experience turn-based battles, meaning both the opponents attack each other one after the other.

And once your Pokemon wins the battles against the opponent’s Pokemon its powers will increase. Therefore, next time you will experience new features in it. So, why wait, be ready to fight and unlock more adventures. 

Throw PokeBall

Allow Trading:

Another interesting thing about this Pokemon game is the availability of connectivity features where you can easily trade your Pokemon creatures with other players Pokemon creatures without any issue. With this feature, you would be able to acquire the wild rare Pokemon and many others to complete the Pokedex. 

Explore the Galar World:

Believe me, Galar is quite a beautiful area to explore, here you see every place attractive, such as multiple houses, green fields, huge mountains, caves, and many other places. Moreover, every place contains a lot of hidden areas, so start the exploration of a new world. The first town in the Galar area where you start the journey is Verdanturf Town.

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Final Words:

I have tried this Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA game and before that, I have read the point of view of critics and some other top gamers of the world, and guess what, this game is liked by almost everyone. That is why I am sure that you will like it too. So, why wait, just download it from there and start exploring the Pokemon region to catch them and be the best Pokemon trainer.