Game NamePokemon Sweet
Size6 MB
Pokemon Sweet ROM

Pokemon Sweet Version is developed by Ephraim225 and this fan-made game is based on the Pokemon FireRed version. Some of the most interesting features of this version are the availability of 12 new types of Pokemon creatures, new regions are available, and new starter Pokemon. The developer has tried their best to provide you with a fun experience which is why he has added numerous new items, and over 80 missions to complete. 

About Pokemon Sweet ROM:

Although the gameplay of this Sweet Version is mostly similar to the original FireRed version, as plates will begin their journey in a familiar layout with a new set of Pokemon to catch. Currently, there are 151 different types of Pokemon available to catch, including some of the pretty unique ones. These range from regular types such as Water, Fire, and Electric to more uncommon ones like Fairy, Psychic, and dark types.

The developer has modified the version in a way that everything is redesigned, so it seems more unique and attractive. If you have played the original version then you realize there are many additional things in the areas that were not present there before. Moreover, many new areas have also been introduced in this version, which might seem like the Kanto Region but have differences in many places. 

Another interesting feature of this version is the addition of many sweet items, like ice cream, candies, and many other delicious-looking desserts. Those of you who like sweets will definitely enjoy this version even more. Moreover, the developers have created the graphics in the look of candies, even you will see the use of colors similar to the theme. You can also download Pokemon Armageddon GBA ROM from here to get another taste of Pokemon games.

Final Words:

Pokemon Sweet Version is nothing but an interesting and quite delicious game and why I am saying this is because of its famous gameplay and plenty of new unique features that will surely increase your appetite after watching so many delicious foods. Also, try – the Pokemon Strike Yellow Version.