Game NamePokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Size1 GB
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM is nothing but a complete package of entertainment for players who want to experience something new and interesting. Just like any other game of this genre here you also explore a new unique world that contains a lot of surprises for you.

Moreover, the best thing about this game is that it will never disappoint you in terms of storyline, gameplay, and graphics. It is a 3DS console-supporting game and to play it on Android or Windows PC you can use a 3DS emulator for it. 

About Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM:

It is a pretty advanced game with quite unique gameplay. Contrary to other games of its kind where the professor is your go-to guy at every place and provides you with the starting Pokemon.

Here, in the game, you virtually see yourself moving from the human world to the Pokemon world, I am sure this feature seems quite interesting to you. Also, remember that you won’t participate in the game as a human or Pokemon trainer, you also evolve into a Pokemon as well. 

Select your partner Pokemon

And when you reach the world of Pokemon a group of different Pokemon will appear and the game provides you the choice to select any one from them as your friend. Here you see Pikachu, Froakie, Squirtle, Raichu, and some others.

However, I love to select Charmander Pokemon because of its fire properties. And with its help, I would be able to survive longer in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM. 

Also, in this game, you will see the graphics of the solar system, galaxies, and other places in space where different legendary Pokemon travel from one world to the other and you will see this happening. That is the reason I am saying this game is pretty interesting for players.

When you reach the Pokemon world it is full of beautiful places such as mountains,  water fountains, and tons of attractive green places to visit. 

Beautiful Pokemon World

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Deadly Fights:

Fights in the game are pretty surprising, most of the time you won’t even know the reason for the fight. And at that time friendly Pokemon will appear out of nowhere and help you to overcome such a situation, which makes this game quite easy to play.

If any situation happens where no one appears for your rescue, the best way is to avoid such scenarios by running in the opposite direction, and soon after a while, you will be able to avoid that no-win fight. 

Also, once your Pokemon is strong enough to participate in the battle, you must do it. With the turn-based battle, you would be able to acquire a lot of rewards in which healing elixir to recover health, weapons to attack the opponent, and many other items. 

Collect the Treasure:

Increasing the wealth is pretty important in this game, this way you would be able to enjoy all the features. However, accumulation is not easy at all, you have to visit the dungeons where deadly creatures attack and knock you out in no time.

Therefore, I suggest you avoid falling into traps and always think before taking any further steps in the dungeons. There are more than 120 deadly dungeons available to explore in this adventurous role-playing game. 

Explore the World to Collect treasure

Different Pokemon Creatures:

Almost every type of Pokemon is available in this game, such as grass, poison, fire, water, bug, flying, ground, fairy, and others. A total of 720 Pokemon are available in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM where some are good and others are evil. Also try Pokemon Rumble Blast ROM game as well.

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS decrypted ROM and start exploring a new world where you see yourself as a Pokemon. The presence of 3D graphics, attractive color combination, numerous Pokemon creatures, and plenty of other features makes it one of the best Pokemon games.