Game NamePokemon Sun Ruby ROM
Size32 MB
Hack of Pokemon Ruby Version
Pokemon Sun Ruby ROM Image

Just like other games available on this website Pokemon Sun Ruby is also a ROM hack of the Pokemon Ruby version having features like the availability of generation 1 to 7 Pokemon, trading, Pokemon evolution, and many others.

We offer you the complete updated version on this site, so just download it and start enjoying the best game. Also, let me clarify one thing for you, though the game has been created by a fan named Lukagba, you will get a pretty interesting experience with it. 

About Pokemon Sun Ruby ROM:

Some of the interesting features available in this version are that you can customize your own Pokemon team in it, the starter Pokemon are also different instead of Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, you will get Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio.

Also, the new moves, abilities, and battle locations will also keep you entertained. That is why this game is quite popular among Pokemon game lovers. In this game, you will explore the complete Hoenn region which is designed with pretty interesting graphics.

game Image

Final Words:

Contrary to the original Ruby version, Pokemon Sun Ruby has more interesting features and unique gameplay owing to that gamers attract to it the most. Ash-Greninja, Mauville City, newly added 14 Alola forms, and over 700 Pokemon are available in this ROM version. I also suggest you try Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM as well.