Pokemon Submissive ROM Image

In the vast world of Pokemon gaming, various ROMs have emerged that redefine and revamp the Pokemon experience. Among these, the Pokemon Submissive ROM stands out. Here’s an exploration of this game’s unique features, gameplay, and narrative. This Hack version was released in 2019 and it is the Hack of Pokemon Emerald version. 

Gameplay and Mechanics of Pokemon Submissive ROM:

Revamped Battle System: 

Unlike traditional Pokemon games where you rely solely on type advantages, the Submissive ROM introduces a “Mood” system. Pokemon can be in various moods like aggressive, neutral, or submissive. Depending on their mood, their moves and strategies change, adding a layer of unpredictability to battles.

Enhanced Training System: 

Pokemon no longer level up in the conventional sense. Instead, trainers cultivate a bond with their Pokemon, unlocking new moves and abilities. The closer the bond, the more powerful the Pokemon becomes.

Open World Exploration: 

Dive into a world where you’re not restricted to moving from one town to the next in a linear fashion. Trainers can choose any path, and the story adapts to the decisions they make.

Day and Night Cycle: 

Depending on the time of day, different Pokemon appear. Nighttime might introduce ghostly Pokemon in forests, while daytime brings out more vibrant creatures.

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Unique Features:

Dynamic Weather System: 

The environment isn’t just a backdrop; it plays a crucial role in the gameplay. Rain might empower water-type Pokemon, while sunshine boosts the power of grass-types.

Pokemon Emotion Detector: 

This feature lets trainers gauge the feelings of their Pokemon, helping them understand when their Pokemon feels exhausted, overjoyed, or even sad.

Interactive Gym Battles: 

Gone are the days of static gym challenges. In Submissive ROM, gym battles are elaborate, puzzle-laden experiences that require a combination of intelligence and battle prowess.

Customizable Trainer Avatars: 

Dive deep into customization, where you can tweak every aspect of your avatar. Represent your unique identity in the Pokemon world!

The Storyline:

The narrative of Pokemon Submissive ROM is a departure from the typical “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mantra. Set in the expansive region of Klymestra, the game’s storyline revolves around a millennia-old prophecy where Pokemon and humans once lived in complete harmony, sharing their emotions and feelings seamlessly.

As the protagonist, you’re an archaeologist’s child, discovering an ancient tablet that hints at this lost bond between Pokemon and humans. Your mission becomes clear: to rediscover and restore this bond. However, the nefarious Team Echo, obsessed with exploiting Pokemon for their own gains, stands in your way. As you traverse through Klymestra, you’ll encounter friends and foes, experience heartbreaks, victories, and unveil secrets that might shatter the very fabric of the Pokemon world.


Pokemon Submissive ROM isn’t just another Pokemon game. It’s a profound journey into a world where emotions reign supreme, challenging trainers to think beyond battles and truly understand their Pokemon. With innovative features, a compelling storyline, and a dynamic gameplay experience, it’s no wonder that this ROM has captured the hearts of Pokemon fans worldwide. Dive in, and let the adventure begin.