Download Pokemon Strike Yellow ROM which is a patch of the Pokemon Yellow Version developed to add some new moves, trading evolution, and some new Poke items. To know more about changes read the complete article.

DeveloperDrake Seawood
VersionBeta 0.4
Hack ofPokemon Yellow
Gaming ConsoleGameboy Color (GBC)
Size504 KB
GenreRole-Playing (RPG)

Pokemon Strike Yellow ROM Features

There are many new additions in this ROM as compared to its original version. The changes made by the developer are mentioned below:

  • New soundtracks for background music.
  • No fun
  • New secret cities which you have to find to complete some game missions and events.
  • The graphic system changed to routes.
  • 11 new moves are added to it of which six are from the old generation of the Pokemon series while 6 are totally new and invented by Drake to add some extra excitement.
  • You have to pass through different levels to be eligible for trade evolution.
  • New Pokemon items are added in Pokemart or some old ones are changed into new shapes but the similar abilities and powers.
  • The location for some wild Pokemon is changed.
  • Improved difficulty by increasing the level of gyms and the evil team Elite Four.
  • Pokemon trainers i.e. Youngster, Bugcatcher, and base stats for some Pokemon are also improved in the game.
  • Colors are changed to provide a better visual user interface to players.


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