Size26.52 MB
RegionWorldwide, USA, EUR, JP
DeveloperNintendo EAD
Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo 64
Release Year1999

Download Pokemon Stadium ROM to enjoy this breathtaking Pokemon strategy game without N64 handheld gaming console on any operating system with the help of an emulator.


This game is unique from previous Pokemon games as it has no proper storyline or areas to explore and find Pokemon creatures and train them. Here you have to clear different stages in the form of battles and tournaments. You have to fight 80 battles including a tournament that has 4 stages. The names of these cups are Petit Cup, Pika Cup, Poké Cup, and Prime Cup. After winning these battles you have to fight a six-one-one battle against Mewtwo. After this fight, you will get to fight with the Champion and this is the total game.

Pokemon Stadium ROM Features

  • 3D graphics: This is the first Pokemon game developed in realistic and beautiful 3d graphics. During playing this game you will feel that you are inside the game.
  • Unique Gameplay: As we have discussed earlier this game has different gameplay which is totally different from traditional Pokemon games.
  • Variety of Combat Mechanisms: The game is divided into different combat systems and turn-based battles or levels to unlock different objects and rewards at different stages.
  • Stadium MODE: In this, you have to fight for getting 4 cups which are full of rewards and powers. This victory is crucial if you want to go further in the game.
  • Castle MODE: In castle mode, you have to fight with 8 Kanto Gym Leaders and the Elite Four.
  • Mini-Games: There are many mini-games available in Pokemon Stadium where you have to fulfill small and easy tasks to get rewards. These are specially designed to help you collect enough money and objects to win the battle against powerful Pokemon and Gym leaders.
  • 151 Pokemon: These Pokemon are from Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and some famous ones are Bulbasaur, Hitmonlee, Charmander, Squirtle, and others.
  • Transfer Pak: This is the most fantastic feature and helps you organize, trade, store, and battle your own Pokemon to your friends and family.