Pokemon Soulstones Game Image
Game NamePokemon Soulstones
Size1.3 GB

If you are a Pokemon game series fan then I am sure you would love to download this Pokemon Soulstones ROM on your PC. It is a fun game and the best feature is that it doesn’t require any sort of emulator to play, just download and start enjoying it on the PC. Another interesting feature that proves quite useful is this game’s own volume control system, so there is no need to change the volume of your PC, just adjust from the settings and everything is good to go. You can separately adjust the volume of Music, other notification bells, etc. 

About Pokemon Soulstones Game:

This game has plenty of features and many options that are not available in many other Pokemon games, that’s why this one is still getting popular. It is pretty customizable as well, just go to the settings and here you can change the battle effects, battle style, running key, screen text font style, menu frame, speech frame, screen size, and many other options. All these options make the gameplay more interesting for the users. 

Keep in mind that in this game all the Pokemon are like your partners, so to complete the missions in this game you need them on your side. So, always treat them with respect, and keep upgrading them so they reach the highest level in strengths and powers. And to fulfill all the objectives you have to select the Pokemon wisely, or else you will fail in your objective. 

Also, there are over 200 Pokemon of 1st to 7th generation available in this game and to your surprise, the Pokedex size has also been increased in this version, now you can place 1030 size Pokedex available to enjoy. Moreover, just like other games you can also decide the gender of your character and after that, you can start playing it. 

Pokemon Soulstones Game Screenshots


This game provides a unique concept of time travel and you play the role of an agent, who is on a mission. At the start when you play this game, Agent Roberts will welcome you and start providing all the information. Agent Robert is an experienced guy and it’s his duty to guide all the new agents like you to their new reality. 

As you are also an Agent from 3564 CE and work for the Epoch Government.  And for an assignment they have sent you here in the 21st century, now you have to complete the tasks assigned to you. And after completing the initial informational guide of the Agent three options will appear on the screen. From these options, you can get complete information about the controls, and the adventures of the game lastly if you already know about them, use the Skip option. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Soulstones ROM and enjoy new unique gameplay with interesting features. As you play the role of an agent in this game that is why I must say you should send reposts back to Agency HQ in Lilypad Town. Believe me, you will enjoy pretty interesting gameplay in this version, and if you want to play more Pokemon games then you can try this one, Pokemon Volt White.