Pokemon SoulSilver ROM Image
Game NamePokemon SoulSilver Version
Size58 MB
RegionEurope, USA

Pokemon SoulSilver ROM is an enhanced remake version of the most famous Pokemon Silver Version, so if you like that then I am sure you will love this one as well. Because the engaging gameplay, the addition of new Pokemon, and a wide world to explore make this game one of the best and in this article, I have explained every aspect to you, so read it completely. 

Features of Pokemon SoulSilver ROM:

Addition of PokeWalker:

It is a pretty interesting feature of this awesome game. The PokeWalker is a pedometer that comes in this game and it allows you to transfer any one of your Pokemon creatures to the device and then carry it with you throughout the day.

Moreover, this way you will earn experience points and many other rewards based on the number of steps you take throughout the day and you are also able to find multiple items by using the device functions. I’m sure, owing to this feature you are able to acquire a lot of free rewards and it will increase your excitement fourfold. 

Game ScreenShot

Multiple Pokemon Creatures:

There are over 450 different creatures available in this game that you will catch and train. As you know, every Pokemon creature is totally different from the others in terms of qualities and abilities, so you need them to win the battles against other trainers.

Also, other Pokemon of later generations are also included such as Ho-Oh, the Fire/Flying-type Legendary Pokemon, and others. These legendary Pokemon are not available in the previous version. You can also download Pokemon Omega Paradox.

Do Explore the Area:

It is the enhanced version which is why there are many new places included in it, so you will explore this game a lot. Here you will embark on the journey to the Johto region and will later explore the Kanto region as well. And on your way, you will encounter new Pokemon creatures, and battle with a lot of other Pokemon trainers as well. Also, check out Pokemon Altered Platinum ROM.

Game Image

Online Features:

Multiple online features are also available in this game, such as the ability to trade different Pokemon creatures with the Nintendo connection. Moreover, you can also engage in multiplayer battles and connect with other fans from all over the world. These online features are pretty awesome and make this game pretty interesting. 

Final Words:

I know after knowing about all the features you are eagerly wanting to play Pokemon SoulSilver ROM on your NDC console. And if you don’t have the console the option of the emulator is also available, just download the NDS emulator on any of your devices and start engaging with this awesome game. You can also play other NDS games on this emulator as well, such as Pokemon Platinum ROM.