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Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Sors Version
LanguageUSA English
Remake of FireRed Version

If you would like to enjoy a new adventure of the Pokemon world, which I am sure you are, then download this wonderful Pokemon Sors ROM on the GBA console or emulator. Before providing you with all the information on this game let me clear one important thing, it is not an original game but a remake fanbase version. 

About Pokemon Sors ROM:

This hack version is made by Vytron and the best thing is that it is a totally free game, so never paid for any additional features. You get to know all this information at the start of the game. The storyline of this role-playing genre game is a lot interesting. It starts with the parents of our main protagonist. 

Our characters, named Asher in this game and his mother and father, have some differences. They both are the leaders of the Siara Mafia, in Hupest. Both have high influence in all the country matters, like politics, economy, etc. And just like all parents think of a better future for their children, they also thought that their son would become the next leader of this organization. 

However, as time passed there were multiple differences between the parents. The main issue starts between them due to a science project, which can provide them domination in the whole world. However, Asher’s father Jackson thought it was quite dangerous and he wanted to stop the research. But the mother wanted to continue on the search journey. 

And finally, they divorced and Asher started living with his father Jackson and they both left the organization. And now the organization is under full control of my mother. After the passage of eleven years now, Asher starts his journey of adventure.  

Pokemon Sors Version Screenshots

Customization Options:

Just like other Pokemon games, you get all sorts of customization options in this game as well, such as changing the text speed, battle scenes, battle style, sound, button mode, and frame. So, use these options and customize the game according to your preferences. 

Complete Area Map:

You can get information on all the areas of your region through the Map feature. Some of the most visited places in this game are Savio City, Metro Station, Hupestian Ruins, Jarro Town, Solare Islands, and many other places. So, now you understand that there is a wide area available to explore. 

A New Pokemon Professor:

Another interesting feature of this game is the addition of a new professor. You might have heard the information about the Pokemon game from the professors like Oak or Birch, however here Professor Ivo is available for your guidance in the Hupest Region. She is a pretty beautiful lady and she told you that 300 years have passed since our first interaction with the Pokemon creatures in Hupest Region and to celebrate the special anniversary they have organized an event named Eclipse Tournament. 

Eclipse Tournament:

It is a special tournament where anybody around the world can participate. And contrary to other events where the trainers required some batches to enter, this event is free from all sorts of requirements. Also try Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team ROM.

Day and Night Cycle:

This feature adds a new level of realism in this version. When you explore the whole area the time of the day changes and just according to it you will see certain Pokemon and events will also change according to it. So, you won’t have to face the same challenges in any particular area, its keep changing gameplay make this version a pretty engaging one.

Final Words:

Pokemon Sors ROM is a pretty exciting version where you explore new regions, follow a completely new storyline, and enjoy plenty of new features. This game has improved graphics, expanded Pokedex and multiple customization options, so download it and start experiencing the adventures.