Pokemon Snakewood ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Snakewood
Size5 MB

Pokemon Snakewood ROM provides you with a fresh exciting experience of your favorite Pokemon world. It is not an original version but a hack of the Pokemon Ruby game, therefore,  similarities between these two exist. The main gameplay is about Zombies which is why you are going to watch horror graphics, enjoy a fun experience, and do a lot of activities. 

About Pokemon Snakewood ROM:

Before providing you with more information about this game let me let you how to start it after downloading. If you don’t know what is happening in this game and how you are going to survive in this deadly zombie world then no need to worry, just like other Pokemon games, Professor Birch is always available for your rescue. You will get all the initial information from him and later he will explain to you all the tasks as well. 

Game ScreenShot

Also, soon after the information you have to go through some other settings of this game, and after that, you are all good to play it. Here you will see the Hoenn region that is already under attack and your initial role here is to rescue the people who have gone missing in search of medicine to cure the Zombies. And unfortunately in those teams your brother and professor’s daughter are also included, so now it is completely up to you, you have to find them and make sure of their safe return. 



To capture other Pokemon creatures you will have a lot of pokeball in this version. Even at the very start, you will get three. I suggest you visit the menu and explore the items that you can give or take and also get all the information about the Pokemon Skill Sets, moves, etc. 

New Regions to Explore:

It is one of the most exciting aspects of this Pokemon game where a lot of new regions are available for players to explore. You can even go beyond the Hoenn Region to visit the Grindhouse region, which has ghostly towns and cities. So, be aware of these areas. Also, all these new areas unlock more difficult challenges and a lot of new Pokemon creatures, which will make the gameplay a lot more engaging. 

Best Graphics

Eerie Challenges:

Eerie challenges make this game stand out among other Pokemon games. As I have explained earlier this game depicts the zombie apocalypse, therefore, you will face a lot of dark and creepy environments, solve plenty of challenging puzzles, and most importantly fight with other Pokemon trainers as well. Keep in mind that to progress in this game you have to go through all these challenges. 

Some Other Features:

  1. Zombie Pokemon:
    I am sure you will be pretty excited to know that in this game you will see the undead version of existing Pokemon that are also known as zombie Pokemon. And you are able to capture them to use in the battles. 
  2. New Type of Pokemon:
    The makers have also added new unique types of Pokemon in this version as well, such as the most famous dark ghost type and poison type. 
  3. New Moves and Abilities:
    Several new moves and abilities have also been added to the Pokemon creatures, so you will enjoy the fights a lot. 
  4. New Sprites:
    In this version, you will see a lot of new Pokemon spires which include new forms of legendary Pokemon, zombie Pokemon, and others.
  5. 6 Denjuu:
    Denjuu is a unique set of creatures that are similar to Pokemon but with some distinct differences. There are six Denjuu in the game, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics.
  6. Untrustworthy Characters:
    These characters often appear friendly and helpful, but they have their own agenda and will deceive the player for their own gain. Therefore, beware of them.
Opponent fights

Final Words:

The presence of zombies who are unpredictable, more powerful, and pretty difficult to defeat makes the gameplay pretty interesting. That is why people like to play Pokemon Snakewood ROM and we made this engaging game version available for you on this website. Just click on the download button and you will get the game file.