Download Pokemon Silver ROM to play an adventurous role-playing Pokemon game, publication of Nintendo online and offline on your Android, iOS, and Windows Operating System with the help of Emulator.

This ROM file is supported on all type of devices including iPhone, MacBook, and tablets. So, what are you waiting for download respective emulator according to your device and start playing the game with fabulous graphical interface designed by Satoshi Tajiri.


Game DeveloperGame Freak 
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Color
RegionWW, JP, AU, NA, EU, KR, USA
Release Year1999-2002
Size731 KB
Game ModeSingle Player, Multiplayer

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The gameplay is full of excitement and you have a chance to enjoy the fictional universe and its objects free of Cost. As a player, your mission is to explore the world and visit different forests, grassy fields, seas, and caves to find out different Pokemon Species and add them to your Pokedex. This is a turn-based battle in which you have to win the battle against Elite Four and Master Lance to become the next Pokemon Champion of the gaming world.

Features of Pokemon Silver ROM

  • Around 251 wild Pokemon creatures from different generations.
  • Real-time internal clock for tracking events time and different battles and championships.
  • Berry is a new item as a first aid kit to restore the health of the players.
  • Pokeballs are also available in this Pokemon video game to capture evil and powerful Pokemon creatures easily.
  • Pok├ęgear is also added to use it as a watch, radio, map, and phone.
  • Some new Legendary Pokemon are also added i.e. Entei, Suicune, and Raikou.
  • New Pokemon Types are added i.e. Steel-type, Dark-type.
    • Dark-type: Have immunity to Psychic-type moves.
    • Steel-Type: have immunity against Poison-type moves.
  • Pokemon breeding: Now in this game, you can breed different Pokemon generations through the breeding process between a male and female Pokemon.


Frequently Asked Questions

When was Pokemon Silver Released Officially?

Pokemon Silver was released publicly for the first time in Japan in 1997. This was the first installment in the Second generation of Pokemon Series.

What version is better Pokemon Gold or Silver?

Both games have different Pokemon creatures, levels, and maps. So, this depends upon your own taste and which one you like. I like silver as compared to Pokemon Gold.

Will there be a remake of Pokemon Silver?

The remake of Pokemon Silver is Pokemon Pearl.