Download Pokemon Sienna ROM free to get a unique experience of Pokemon Fire Red and play it on any operating system using a GBA emulator. My recommended emulators for GBA ROMs are as follows:

  • DeSmuME: for Windows OS
  • DraStic DS Demo: for Android OS
  • DeSmuMEDeSmuME: for iOS OS
DeveloperManipulation, Chibi Robo
Version4.1 Beta
Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Size6.09 MB
CodebasePokemon Fire Red
GenreRole-Playing (RPG)
RegionWorld, USA, Europe
Release Year2008

Pokemon Sienna ROM Walkthrough

This storyline is the same as Pokemon Fire Red. A major difference is you send your CV as an applicant for Pokemon trainer in Indigo Plateau which is a trainer school but they reject it. So, you take the decision to start your own journey of becoming a Pokemon champion. This game is full of immersive adventures including fighting with Gyms, challenging mysterious teams, and exploring and training different powerful Pokemon to fill your Pokedex.

This story is featured in different regions the main theme is featured in the Ebin region which is designed like Italy. The school you have applied based in the Kanto region. So, let’s start your own journey to fulfill your dream of becoming the Pokemon champion by winning the war against Gyms and a nefarious criminal organization called Team Konzern.



You will receive your starter Pokemon from the Professor. Starter Pokemon are the Pokemon that you will get as a Pokemon trainer when you start your journey. These Pokmeon are not powerful as compared to your opponents so you need to evolve them or capture new Pokemon with some better abilities and powers if you want to become the champion. You can also download another fabulous Pokemon game Pokemon Glazed Reborn GBA ROM.

Starter Pokemon of Pokemon Sienna ROM

In this game, you have three Pokemon creatures to select as your starter Pokemon:

  • Turtwig: A defensive Grass-type Pokemon which can evolve into Grotle and then Torterra.
  • Chimchar: If you need an aggressive Pokemon then this Fire-type Pokemon is the best choice because of its high speed and special battle attacks. And it can evolve into Monferno and then Infernape.
  • Piplup: This is a Water-type Pokemon with a versatile defense system and can evolve into Prinplup and then Empoleon. This Pokemon is best for a balanced and real fight.

Gym Leaders to Fight for Pokemon Championship

There are 8 gym leaders available to fight if you want to win the Pokemon championship.

  1. Angelo – Normal type
  2. Carmen – Poison-type
  3. Mimi – Bug type
  4. Raphael – Steel type
  5. Marisa – Water type
  6. Eduardo – Dragon-type
  7. Pietro – Ghost-type
  8. Sylvia – Electric type

Game Features

  • 250 Pokemon from different generations to capture including some Fakemon.
  • New region Voultan with a completely new background.
  • New tiles, sprites, music, and moves from Gen 4 Pokemon series.
  • Day & Night cycle
  • Mega Stones and Evolutionary Stones are also available

Cheats for Pokemon Sienna

Always save your game progress before applying these cheats and I do not recommend using these cheats as sometimes they can ruin your gaming experience. Cheats are the codes that help you get some resources and items free of cost without fighting or winning an event. Some working cheat codes are as follows:

  1. Infinite Money: 82025838104E 8202583AE971
  2. Unlimited Master Balls: 82003884 0001
  3. Walk Through Walls: 509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4
  4. Unlimited Rare Candies: 820258400044
  5. Catch any Pokemon: 83007CEE 00XX (Replace “XX” with the corresponding Pokemon’s hex code.)