To your surprise, Pokemon Shiny Gold ROM is another hacked version of Pokemon Firered Game, and just like the other hacked games, this game is also one of the most interesting because of new additional features, which I am going to explain in this article. 

Pokemon Shiny Gold ROM pic

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Shiny Gold ROM
Size5.24 MB

About Pokemon Shiny Gold ROM:

With the presence of both Hoenn and Johto regions, you are going to explore multiple places containing awesome surprises and encounters with numerous Pokemon creatures. Currently, there are 400+ different Pokemon available, so to complete the Pokedex you have to capture them all. 

Although the storyline of this game is the same as the Fire Red version, new puzzles and revamped areas attract the gamer’s attention a lot. Moreover, with the availability of both TMs and HMs, you are able to add more moves in your favorite Pokemon and the best feature is that you can enjoy the Shiny Gold Rom Version totally free. 

Game ScreenShot

Supports GBA Emulator:

This updated version of the Pokemon game supports the GBA emulator and console and without any restrictions, you can enjoy it on both your PC and your Android cell phone, just like other games available on this website

Easy Controls:

Also, controlling the character on the screen is nothing difficult at all. On the left side, there is an icon available to move the protagonist and on the right side of the screen, there are two buttons having A and B written on it. A is used to Chat, scroll the texts on the screen, and check other things. While B is used to exit from any mode, cancel any choice, and do some other things. 

Excellent Music and Graphics:

Without an attractive view of the area no one likes to play any game and that is the way the developers have created quite attractive areas in this Pokemon Shiny Gold Version. Also, the background music is also nice and players have the choice to change it as well. Also, try other interesting games as well like Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM.

Final Words:

Download the Pokemon Shiny Gold Version ROM and start exploring new places, additional features, and top of all new gameplay on your devices. An amazing battle system, multiple puzzles to solve, and awesome physics make this game one of the best.