Pokemon Scarlet Blaze ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Scarlet Blaze
Size32 MB
Remake ofFireRed

Here comes another hack of the FireRed version named Pokemon Scarlet Blaze ROM. This version is created by ASDBUDDY, the famous Pokemon fan-made game developer. What really makes this game different from the main version is the addition of new features like upgraded Maps, the presence of new more savage evil teams, plenty of new plots, No OW poison effect, a traditional day and night system, and many other features. As this game still has many features and similar gameplay to the FireRed version, so if you have already played the FireRed version you will see pretty similarities between these two. 

About Pokemon Scarlet Blaze ROM:

In this remake version, you will see plenty of new Pokemon of generation 3, and the same generation art style is also available. The start of this Pokemon game is pretty much the same as other games of this genre. However, there is no way you can change the name of the protagonist of the game, the name here is fixed in it. Crimson is the name of the boy and if you select gender as a girl then Scarlet is the name that will appear on the screen. 

Game Screenshots

Your first mission in this game is gathering all the information about your parents, so start exploring the Kanto region to complete this mission. Moreover, you will also explore the Johto region in this updated version as well. Another difference in this game is the absence of Team Rocket, instead of it, you will face another rival game named Team Rebel in it. The addition of this new evil team makes the gameplay pretty interesting for you. 

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Some Other Features:

  1. Presence of additional Plots
  2. Upgraded Characters 
  3. Availability of New Pokemon
  4. Presence of a new evil team.