Pokemon Sapphire ROM

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Storyline Walkthrough

This game has almost same features as Pokemon Ruby but story line is little different. This game is about making more habitats for land-based Pokemon in Hoenn region. Team Magma is working to fulfill this objective but Team Aqua causing trouble in it. You have to stop Evil Pokemon and Gym leaders of Team Aqua and vanish them from their evil plan of making Hoenn Region uninhabited wasteland.

Pokemon Sapphire ROM Gameplay

This open-world adventure is a third generation Pokemon game and published after Pokemon Ruby with a slight difference in graphical interface, storyline and characters. You are a new Pokemon trainer with the ultimate goal of becoming a Pokemon Master and champion of Pokemon league by capturing, trading and battling powerful Pokemon. You have to explore routes and habitat of different Pokemon creatures and collect candies or barriers. These barriers and candies will help you in crating different Pokeblocks and equipment’s to capture Pokemon.

Game Info

NamePokemon Sapphire ROM
DeveloperGame Freak
PublisherThe Pokemon Company, Nintendo
Size4.71 MB
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
RegionEurope, Japan, Worldwide, USA
Release Year2002
PlateformMacBook, iPhone, Windows, Android

Game Features

  • The game interface is well designed, astonishing and addictive for the players.
  • Around 200 Pokemon from different generation and 100 new characters are added in this fabulous game.
  • Internal clock to set time for different events.
  • Berry blender and super-charged candy to make different equipment which are helpful in capturing Pokemon.
  • Many towns and cities have secret bases filled with plenty of legendry items and rewards.
  • This game is multiplayer so you can play it with your friends and family members.
  • Double battle mechanism also included which will help you to control two Pokemon at once.