If you like the Pokemon FireRed Version then I am sure you will like this Pokemon Saiph ROM Version as well, because it is the Hack of the earlier defined one. Also, we provide you with the latest ROM file which has been developed by Vytron and has interesting features like the availability of reusable TMs, the Presence of Fairy Type Pokemon, a Day and night changing system, and many others.

If you are totally new and don’t know much about this ROM file, then I suggest you read our complete article, where I will cover all the information about it. 

Pokemon Saiph ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Saiph
Size14 MB
Hack OfFireRed Version
Pokemon Saiph game screenshots


New Region to Explore:

This feature makes this game unique in the eye of gamers, and I am sure you will like it too. A new region named Colen has been introduced in it, where you can get new generation Pokemon, fight more deadly battles, and top of all this region contains a lot of adventure, so you must explore it.  

Fully Open Hoenn Region:

Another interesting fact about this version, you are able to visit the whole Hoenn region without any sort of restriction. Even the parts that are locked in the previous versions are available in it. Moreover, the attractive soundtrack while exploring the area makes your game journey more interesting. 

Special MoveSets:

In addition to new Pokemon creatures, you will also enjoy new physical and special splits as well. Because there is no good in the updated version if everything’s the same as the previous version, that is why a lot of new items, moves, and abilities have been introduced in it, which makes the gameplay more unique for you. 

More Battles:

The developer has introduced a new evil team in this version named “Team Void”. To be the best gamer you have to fight with them and use the Pokemon powers to win. There are more deadly battles in this version as compared to any other version. Moreover, you will also experience updated battlegrounds in this version as well. 

Addition of New Pokemon:

New Pokemon are also available in this updated version and users mostly face a lot of difficulty in finding their exact location. I have played this version and while playing I noted down all the locations and other essential information related to Pokemon available here. Just visit this sheet and enjoy the game. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Saiph ROM and enjoy new advanced features and interesting gameplay. You can also enjoy other interesting Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Multiverse Battle ROM.