Pokemon Rumble World ROM Image

Download the Pokemon Rumble World ROM game and enjoy this most adventurous action-plus role-playing game in 3D graphics. It supports the Nintendo 3DS console and emulator and runs without any lags.

Moreover, here you come across more than 800 Pokemon having unique powers and capabilities which make you able to fight multiple battles and win them as well. Also, the gameplay, storyline, and graphics of this game are pretty interesting, you will enjoy it a lot.

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Rumble World ROM
Size308 MB

About Pokemon Rumble World ROM:

This game was released in 2015 and when you start playing this game first select your Mii character. And believe me, the list of characters is pretty long, but you have to select only one. All the characters are cartoonish ones and of both genders. Moreover, you can also select the superheroes avatar from the list as well, such as Batman, Naruto, and many others.

Start the Game

You can also customize the game according to your style like if other players want to start chatting with you, an automatic greeting message will be sent to them which creates a friendly atmosphere. So, I suggest you always write down a greeting message, the option available in the menu of the game. Also, after every edit never forget to save the settings. 

Another interesting feature here is that once you capture any Pokemon you can now switch to that Pokemon and resume the journey with him. As you know every Pokemon has different powers, so by selecting different Pokemon the gameplay becomes pretty interesting for you. I suggest you select the Pokemon that has the power of one-hit kill, this way you can overcome all sorts of deadly situations. 

Capture Different Pokemon Creatures

Also, after winning the fight with any enemy never forget to collect the Pokemon diamonds that will appear on the screen. These diamonds are white in color and have the shape of a coin, and will help you to unlock/purchase different items from the shop menu. So, the more diamonds you have, the better your gameplay will become. You may also like Pokemon Conquest ROM.

Unique Storyline:

What really makes this game unique and interesting is the storyline. Contrary to other Pokemon games the main role of providing all the information is the professor. Here the king of the toy kingdom provides you with all the information. And you have to collect the toy Pokemon for him at his request. 

King of Toys Kingdom

The starting Pokemon you get here is Pikachu along with a hot air balloon to start the journey. Here your first task is to collect at least 11 different Pokemon and once you do this the king will assign you the next task and the game moves on.   

Pretty Easy to Play:

This game is perfect for those who want to enjoy exploring a new world without facing multiple difficulties. Although our Pikachu has to fight with other creatures, you won’t have to use any control for it, just go near the enemy and it will automatically start the attack. This automatically attacks the enemy feature and is pretty useful for beginners.

Pokemon Fight

A Wide Area to Explore:

Just like any other Pokemon game, this one also has a pretty wide area to explore. And the interesting thing is that every new place unlocks a lot of adventures for you. Here to level up your rank you have to go through multiple challenges, so start enjoying this game. Also, try other games of this genre, such as Pokemon Y ROM.

Final Words:

I am pretty sure that after reading all the features of this game you are eager to try it. So, why wait? Just download Pokemon Rumble World 3DS ROM and start enjoying the real-time battles, get the toys, and capture multiple Pokemon creatures. The toy kingdom present in this game seems pretty interesting and you will enjoy it a lot.