Download Pokémon Rumble Blast ROM – Both 3DS ROM & CIA File Available (Updated & 100% Working)

Pokemon Rumble Blast ROM image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokémon Rumble Blast
Size301 MB

Download the Pokémon Rumble Blast ROM for the 3DS emulator/console and start enjoying the Pokémon fights in the battle arena. With the presence of 600+ unique Pokémon and numerous levels to pass makes this game every Pokémon game lover’s favorite. Moreover, here you will explore 5 different worlds and every single one is pretty different from the other, so why wait just download and start enjoying it.

About Pokémon Rumble Blast ROM:

The battle arena feature makes this game different from the others of this genre. Here you have to fight with one bad Pokémon after the other and the game moves on. In the Pokémon Rumble game, plenty of levels exist, and to move to the next one you have to clear the complete area from the bad creatures first and after completing this mission the next level will unlock.

Pokémon Fights

Also, keep in mind that not every level of the game is easy to pass. That is why I suggest you participate in the difficult level with your friends. You can play in a team of two and until any one of you lasts the game won’t be over. Moreover, by participating with your friends you will be able to collect more rewards. So, must try this feature and enjoy the gameplay.   

More Locations:

Contrary to previous games of this genre Pokémon Rumble Blast contains more locations with plenty of hidden surprises. Here you saw water fountains, wide parks, and plenty of other attractive items. Moreover, you are allowed to explore every area here as it is completely restriction free. 

Fight With Boss Pokemon:

Boss Pokémon are the most savage ones and pretty big in size and to win the battles you have to capture many different Pokémon creatures and befriend them. 

Boss Battle

Final Words:

Download Pokémon Rumble Blast ROM and enjoy the advanced level gameplay and storyline which makes this game quite fun for players. I have provided you both decrypted ROM files along with the CIA file as well, so you won’t face any issues in playing it.

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