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Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Ruby
Size4.71 MB

Pokemon Ruby ROM was the third entry in the third generation of the Pokemon game series and owing to its classic gameplay it became popular among the fans. If you have a question about what makes this game so popular then let me tell you that it has a variety of engaging features, additional Pokemon creatures, multiple open and hidden places to visit, and a lot of other things that will surely make you its fan as well. 

About Pokemon Ruby ROM:

This version was released back in 2002 but still after so much time people still like to play it. Just like other Pokemon games the gameplay is also pretty similar, you control the Pokemon trainer and help him to be the best Pokemon League Champion. To achieve this place first you have to go through plenty of battles, complete various quests, and a lot of challenges. 

Game Image

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The game will start at the Littleroot Town of the Hoenn region. And in this area, you will get your starting Pokemon and many others to catch. Currently, there are 202 different Pokemon creatures available in this version, this includes both new Pokemon introduced in the third generation and some returning Pokemon from earlier generations.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to catch all these 202 Pokemon in a single playthrough of the game. To complete the Pokedex you have to participate in the events and after the win, you will get some rare ones, while the other you can get through trading with other players. Also, try to get all these Pokemon because you need them to fight against the prominent antagonistic group, Team Magma. 


Double Battles:

Among all other interesting features, one of the most interesting ones is the double battle system that is introduced in this game. Now you can use two different Pokemon creatures instead of one and start the battle against other trainers. So, in this Pokemon Ruby GBA ROM Version, you can experiment with different Pokemon build robust strategies, and win the battles. 

Breed Pokemon:

In this interesting game, you are allowed to breed different Pokemon to create new and powerful ones. With this feature, you are able to enjoy the gameplay even more and this feature also helps you win in all the events and be the best trainer quite easily. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Ruby is one of the best games of this Pokemon series and no matter if you are a professional player or a complete beginner, this version will keep you entertained for hours. Moreover, you can also try its updated version Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo, which is also available on this website.

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