Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers ROM Image

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers ROM is a popular ROM hack of the original Pokemon Ruby game. Rather than following the traditional Pokemon trainer journey, this game diverges and offers a unique gameplay experience centered around the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

Gameplay: In Rescue Rangers, you don’t play as a human trainer, but instead, as a Pokemon! This twist provides a refreshing change from the usual catch, train, and battle routine of the core series. Instead, players embark on a journey to save other Pokemon and tackle various rescue missions. These missions involve navigating through dungeons, battling wild Pokemon, and solving puzzles to assist Pokemon in distress.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers ROM Features:

Play as a Pokemon: 

Begin your journey by selecting one of the starter Pokemon and evolve as you progress.

Rescue Missions: 

Venture into unique dungeons to save Pokemon and earn rewards.

New World to Explore: 

Dive into a redesigned Hoenn region with new areas and locations.

No Pokeballs: 

Since you are a Pokemon, there’s no need to catch others. Instead, build relationships and have others join your team.

Customized Moves: 

Some Pokemon have custom moves not found in the original Ruby version.

Revamped Graphics: 

Enjoy the improved visuals, new sprites, and beautiful animations tailored for the game.


The game begins with you waking up, realizing you’ve transformed into a Pokemon. Unsure about what happened and how to return to your human form, you encounter other Pokemon who share a similar fate. Together, you establish a rescue team to help Pokemon in distress, hoping to find answers about your mysterious transformation.

As you progress, you uncover a sinister plot threatening the Pokemon world. The balance of nature is disturbed, and it’s up to you and your team to set things right. Along the way, you’ll forge strong bonds with other Pokemon, confront powerful foes, and unravel the mysteries surrounding your transformation and the disturbances in the Pokemon world. You may also like Pokemon TRE Team Rocket Edition ROM.


Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers provides a breath of fresh air for fans of the Pokemon franchise. With its unique perspective, engaging storyline, and innovative features, it offers an immersive experience that’s both familiar and entirely new. Dive in, take on the role of a Pokemon, and embark on a captivating journey to save the day.

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