Download Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign of Legends ROM or its remake which is built with the help of the Pokemon Ruby version’s codebase. You can play this GBA ROM on any operating system with the help of a GBA Emulator and my recommended emulators are as follows:

  • DeSmuME for the Windows operating system.
  • DraStic DS Demo for the Android operating system.
  • DeSmuMEDeSmuME for the iOS operating system.
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
GenreAdventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
RegionWorld, U.S
Size5.81 MB – 6.79 MB
Release Year of 1st Version2007
Remake Release2018
Codebase UsedPokemon Ruby
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Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign of Legends ROM Walkthrough

The story begins when your elder brother who is a Gym leader in Snow Soft City asked you to take care of your mother and move to a new location in the Gento region known as Sun Ford Town for living. When you go out of your house to explore the region you met with your neighbor who wants to become a Pokemon trainer and save the world from evil. He tells you about his research on the evil plans of new criminal organizations Royal Darkness and Luminous Canaries are destroying the world to make themselves dominant.

After that, you also decide to be a part of this war against good and evil. You go to the Professor’s lab with our new friend to get your first starter Pokemon. Here the original gameplay has started and you have to go through different obstacles and difficulties to explore the complete region and hunt down the powerful Pokemon and make them part of your Pokedex.


The journey against the darkness has started and to make yourself capable of fighting with evil teams you need powerful Pokemon in your Pokedex. You have to explore different areas including forests, cities, ports, and islands, and also fight with Gym leaders and Pokemon trainers owning legendary and other unique but decisive Pokemon.

The most powerful and known Pokemon in this game are Baby Lugia, Shadow Lugia, and a teleportation Pokemon Palkia which you will get in the Francia forest. These Pokemon are going to play a vital role in your journey of defeating evil team plans and also help you in winning the Pokemon league to become a champion. Also, check out Pokemon Expert Emerald to enjoy another unique storyline of the Pokemon game.

Locations to find Legendary Pokemon

Here are some locations where you will find legendary Pokemon to catch and train for your Pokedex.

  • Suicune: Snowsoft City – North Cave
  • Ho-oh: Sea Path
  • Entei: Fire Cave outside Morient Town
  • Shaymin: Veronica Town
  • Raikou and Registeel: Electric Cave at the east of Veronica Town
  • Regirock: Francia Cave at Pina Francia
  • Regice: Lost Cave at the west of Luster Town
  • Mewtwo: Waterfall of Blue Path
  • Deoxys: Raleso Town
  • Regigigas: Ring Path
  • Rayquaza: Sand Path
  • Manaphy: Lost Sea
  • Kyogre: Hydro Cave at Morient Town


  • Explore the complete Gento region once again to make new friends to form teams.
  • New Islands are added named Retazo, Lorina, Selaro, and Borora.
  • New Pokemon from the 4th to 6th generation of the Pokemon series including some Fairy-type and Aria-type Pokemon.
  • The more interactive graphical user interface for the players.
  • Movesets are updated.


  • Have all Pokemon in Pokedex: 767CB1FC DD748434
  • Walk Through Walls: E03B0649 5D67050C
  • Infinite Money: E51e97c3 7858e4eb
  • Shiny Pokemon: 8636B1D6
  • Unlimited Masterball: 910C4AFB679BA66A
  • Unlimited Rare Candies: 280EA266 88A62E5C