Download Pokemon Rocket Strike ROM which is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red and enjoy amazing new features, a unique gameplay walkthrough, and new Pokemon locations. ROMs are copies built from the cartridge of the original game to play the game on any operating system.

Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
Release Year2014

Storyline Walkthrough

This game is designed in Nirvana town and you have to capture Pokemon and fight with evil enemies and teams in cooperation with Team Rocket. You have Blitzle, Carvanha, and Houndour to choose your starter Pokemon from. You will face different gaming adventures to win this Pokemon League. The main difference of this game from other Pokemon games is you have to follow the order of Team Rocket.

Pokemon Rocket Strike ROM Gameplay

You have to capture 380 Pokemon at different levels including legendary Pokemon to fill your Pokedex with a variety to fight with Gym leaders and Powerful enemies. You have Team Rocket as your companion and you have to follow the orders and has to work like a team.

At some game levels, you have to go solo and use your badges to vanquish the roadblocks. You have to do well in the game and capture at least 60 Pokemon or you will not be able to go to further stages in the game.


  • New Areas including Pokemon Fire Red maps to explore.
  • New challenges and Gym leaders to fight in the Pokemon Championship.
  • 380 Gen 4 & 5 Pokemon are available to capture and fill your National Pokedex.
  • Evolution at below levels. i.e. Trapinch evolves at Level 30 instead of 35.
  • High difficulty in terms of competitors while capturing Pokemon is easy.
  • New Pokemon sprites.
  • Awesomely designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make the gameplay more interactive to the players.
  • Different Badges to pass certain levels.