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Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS)
Size41.57 MB
GenreAdventure, Action, Role-Playing
DeveloperCreatures Inc.
PublisherNintendo, The Pokemon Company
RegionWorldwide, USA, Europe, Japan
Release Year2008

Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia ROM Storyline

This is the second part of Pokemon Ranger and the story of this fabulous Pokemon game starts at the Ranger school of Almia region where you got admission as a Student ranger. You are very passionate about helping people and Pokemon who are needy and get the Top Ranger title. After entering school you met with Rhythmi and Keith and you became friends because they have the same goals as you.

Here your journey to become a top Ranger will begin and you have to solve different mysteries and puzzles to increase your rank. Remember that becoming a Top Pokemon Ranger is not an easy job first you have to graduate and become a rookie Ranger.

You have to fight with evil powers and powerful Pokemon creatures to capture and train them and make a team to remove obstacles and hurdles that are on your way and also harmful to the living beings of the region. Pokemon Black 2 ROM is also available to enjoy your leisure time through a different storyline.

Game Features

  • 270 Pokemon: In this game, you have a chance to capture and train 270 Pokemon.
  • New Maps, Quests, and Missions: In this game, the developer has added new missions and quests to pass and become the top Ranger of your region. You can download every update of maps by connection through WIFI or Internet connection.
  • Change Your Genre: You can change your gender and select your Avatar according to your selected option.
  • Mini-Games: There are many mini-games that are very easy but rewarding.
  • Different Stylers: Styler is a special equipment and you have four types of stylers given to you in this game to capture the Pokemon creatures.