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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge ROM Game is pretty much an exciting game with a lot of interesting features, which many Pokemon lovers enjoy. There is no doubt that every Pokemon game, whether an old one or a new one, grabs gamers’ attention, and this is one such game. It was released by Nintendo Company more than 2 decades ago, but people still love to play it, and in this article, you get to know why. And on this Pokemon website, we provide you with the updated and most exciting version of this game, so you will enjoy it a lot.

Basic Info:

Game NamePokemon Puzzle Challenge
File Size644 KB
RegionsUSA, Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain
Supporting PlatfromsAndroid, IOS, Mac, Windows

About Pokemon Puzzle Challenge ROM:

This game is designed for Gameboy Color emulators, which means to play it on your mobile, PC, Tablet, or any other device, you need to install the emulator, and then you would be able to play this game. As shown in the name as well, in this Pokemon Puzzle Challenge GBC version, you have to solve different shape puzzles. Just combine the same shape puzzles together, and those will remove from the screen, and the next will appear, this way, the game moves on.

Here gameplay is simple, just solve one level and move to the other, and the best thing is that there is no end to these interesting levels. So, download it from this website and enjoy the endless gaming experience of this Pokemon game on your device. Also, when you start playing this game, and you are pretty new, then take start with the training mode. 

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Different Gaming Modes:

Different Gaming Modes

Training Mode: There are three different modes available to play, the very first and basic one of training mode, where you solve pretty simple puzzles and get to know about this game. 

One Player Mode: The second is One Player Mode, in this mode, you solve different challenges. Also, here players will decide which kind of level they want to play from the 5 different options, Easy, Normal, Hard, S-Hard, and Intense. I suggest you start with the easy mode and then gradually move forward. 

Two Players Mode: This mode is specifically added by the developers to enjoy this game with a friend. Just simply select this mode from the menu, decide how much hard you want to play, and then start the game with your friend.

Challenge other players

Features of the Game:

Interesting Graphics:

All the puzzles available in this game are of different colors, and unique shapes are drawn on every one of them. Moreover, the quality of the graphics and the user interface in this updated version of the game is also really good. 

Different Pokemon Characters Available:

The availability of a lot of different Pokemon characters makes this game a lot more interesting, and the best thing is that most of the characters are already unlocked in the game, so before the start of the game, just select from any of them and enjoy the game. 

Excellent Sound Track:

It is a reality that, no matter how interesting the gameplay of the game is, if the music in the background is not interesting and related to the game that you are playing, there is no good in playing it. But in this game, no such issue exists, the soundtrack in it is excellent.

Final Words:

Download the best ROM version of the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge game from this version and start playing it, it is totally free for every player. Also, for more Pokemon games, visit our website. 

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