Pokemon Psychic Adventures ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Psychic Adventures
Size5.25 MB
Language English

Pokemon Psychic Adventures ROM is a remake version but it has a remarkable storyline, excellent graphics quality, and the addition of multiple new characters. In this article, I have explained all the features of this game along with the information on the gameplay, so you understand it better. 

About Pokemon Psychic Adventures ROM:

I want to clarify to all of you that this game is pretty easy to play and every kind of person, whether he/she is a pro gamer or a complete newbie, can easily play and understand it. At the start, when the very first time you open this game, the first screen in front of you is the information about the controls, read the instruction manual carefully. 

The “START” button is used to open the menu of the game, the “SELECT” button is used to shift the items from one place to another, while the “LEFT” and “RIGHT” buttons are used to move the characters on the screen. I am sure you understand the controls, and if not just a little practice can make things easy for you.

This game is the hack version of Pokemon FireRed and just like in that version, you will somehow experience the same features here but with a little improvement in everything. You will capture new Pokemon, there are three types available in this version, fire, water, and grass. And with these three the game will start. In this version, similar to Pokemon creatures, you are able to control different characters, especially girls, as well and make them your friends. 

Game Screenshots


Best Graphics:

One additional feature of this game is the presence of attractive graphics that seem nice and interesting. You might have played the previous version of this game where all the characters on the screen seem like what we saw in oil paintings. However, here the graphics are visibly improved which will surely increase your interest in the game.

Capture Different Pokemon:

To control the girls in this game you have to use the Psychic power of your Pokemon, that is why this game’s name is Psychic Adventures. And after getting successful control you will get 18 different choices to do with them.

This game is a lot of fun and after every task, a new adventure is available for you. As your main goal in this version is to become the best Psychic trainer that is why to be the best you will have to fight with other trains as well and grab the winning title. 

Best Storyline:

Another unique aspect of the game is the best storyline it has offered to the players. If you have played other Pokemon games the storyline there is pretty straightforward, while here it is full of twists and turns. Each Pokemon available in this game has its unique psychic powers that are able to change the whole battle scene in just no time. That is why you have to do a careful selection of Pokemon creatures. Moreover, you also have to unravel the conspiracy in this version to save the world from evil. 

Final Words:

Overall, Pokemon Psychic Adventures ROM is a game that you will enjoy a lot and never get bored. So, grab your Pokeballs and get ready to enjoy the adventure of this unique Pokemon world. Also, try Pokemon Shining Pearl ROM.