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Game NamePokemon Platinum Version
Size48 MB

Pokemon Platinum ROM is a quite popular Nintendo DS console-supportive game and has so many interesting features that make it still popular among gamers. We can also describe this game as an enhanced version of the most popular Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games.

Because in this version you will mostly experience the same plots. However, to make it different the makers have also introduced new features that will make the Pokemon World adventure quite exciting for you and I will explain all those features to you later in this article. 

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About Pokemon Platinum ROM:

The storyline of this version is quite the same as other Pokemon games that revolve around multiple quests, tasks, and exploration of new locations. Here you will explore the Sinnoh Region and on your journey, you will face a lot of battles and multiple different Pokemon creatures as well. So, never forget to capture them to complete the Pokedex. You can also download and play Pokemon Dash ROM from pokemonsrom.com.


Here you will also face Team Galactic, a criminal organization that wants to rule all over the world to fulfill bad desires. And for this purpose they aim to exploit the power of all the legendary Pokemon, so for everyone’s safety, you have to stop them. Therefore, try your level best to capture all the legendary Pokemon before them and befriend them.

New Features: 

The new addition and enhancement that make this gameplay pretty unique and interesting is the introduction of Distortion World, a dimension where you can enter to catch the legendary Pokemon named Giratine. And to get access to various applications in this game such as a calculator, map, etc. the feature of Pokétch has also been introduced in this version. 

Multiplier Option:

To complete the Pokedex and for maximum enjoyment, the trading option has also been introduced in this game, which means you can send and receive different Pokemon with each other from all over the world. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Platinum ROM is one of the best additions to the Pokemon games. Why am I saying this? This game has the best storyline, excellent graphics, engaging gameplay, and many interesting features that keep you entertained. So, download it and enjoy endless hours of fun and adventure, and for more interesting Pokemon games such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness ROM, explore our website.