Download the latest Pokemon Platinum Randomizer ROM to enjoy this Pokemon Platinum hack on your mobile or PC devices using NDS Emulator. The recommended NDS Emulators for Android, iOS, and PC are DraStic DS Demo, DeSmuMEDeSmuME, and No$gba Debugger respectively.

pokemon platinum randomizer rom
NamePokemon Platinum Randomizer
Size22 MB
Hack ofPokemon Platinum
RegionUSA, Worldwide
ConsoleNintendo DS

Gameplay of Pokemon Platinum Randomizer ROM Online

The gameplay is almost similar to Pokemon Platinum as it is created by its codebase but there are some new additions as well like a randomizer feature. A randomizer is a hack with which you can randomize game objects to make them more exciting and challenging.

For example, if you are at a certain level where you have to catch a common Pokemon but using the randomizer feature can convert it into legendary Pokemon or maybe you get two opponents to fight on that stage. The game is limitless in terms of challenges and I am sure you will love this fan-based game.

Installation Guide for NDS Emulator

  • Download the NDS emulator following your device requirements.
  • Install it on your device and after that download the ROM file from here.
  • Find the ROM file and open it through Emulator or drag the file into it.
  • It will automatically install the ROM.
  • Start Playing the game.

What’s New in the Hack

  • You can customize your accessories, building, and appearance.
  • Explore the region to catch 300+ Pokemon.
  • The backgrounds are copied from Pokemon games i.e. Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold.
  • A new area named Wi-Fi Plaza is added to the game where you can simultaneously play mini-games with 20 other players.
  • Vs. Recorder feature to record your Battle Frontier and multiplayer fights.
  • Global Trade System to trade Pokemon, powers, stones, and other game elements over Wi-Fi.
  • New Poke-balls to encounter wild Pokemon.
  • With the map randomizer, you can randomize maps to select an unknown map from the whole game to make gameplay more exciting.
  • Gym and Elite 4 Shuffler helps you to shuffle Gym leaders and Elite 4 Members.
  • New cheats are introduced to use battle moves and powers more effectively.

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