Pokémon Pinball ROM (Latest 100% Working Version)

Pokemon Pinball ROM - Ruby and Sapphire Image
Game NamePokémon Pinball ROM
Size2.5 MB
RegionEurope and USA
LanguageEnglish Only

Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire ROM is another simple yet quite interesting game for the GameBoy Advance (GBA) console. However, with the GBA emulator, you can easily play it on Windows PC, Android phones & Tablets, or any other device. 

About Pokémon Pinball ROM

Before telling you about the features of the game let me explain some of the controls that you will use to play the game. Mainly 4 keys will be used to play this game A, B, C, and D. And their usage are:

Type A = For Left Flipper

Type B = For Right Flipper

Type C = To tilt on Left Side

Type D = For right tilt. 

Options menu of the game

Remember the usage of all these controls and you can easily play the game. Moreover, to get more information about the controls you can visit the “Options” section, which is available in the game’s menu and there you get all the information about it. 

There are many other customizable options also available in the game like sound testing, turning on or off the rumble, etc. I suggest after downloading this game you must take visit all the sections of the game to get all the information about it. 

Just after the start of the game, there are two field options appearing on the screen, the very first one is the Ruby field and the second is the Sapphire field. Both of these fields are unlocked, so it is completely up to you which one you like to select for enjoying this game. 

Select the Field Image

Also, both the field names can also see in the name of this game as well. Before the start you can also specify the speed of the ball, that you have to hit repeatedly to stay in the game longer, there are two options available for this, slow and normal. 

I suggest you if you are a beginner start with a slow speed and after understanding the gameplay, move to normal speed. Another interesting feature of this game is the presence of fabulous graphics, with both fields designed with excellent colors. 


Caught Different Pokémon Creatures:

There are many ways to catch the Pokémon in this game and among them, one of my favorites is via Pokémon nest, which is available in the field if you manage to throw the Pokeball in it a new unique Pokémon creature will appear on the screen that keeps moving from one place to other. 

So, now you have to hit that Pokémon with the same Pokeball and you capture it. This way you can catch multiple different Pokémon creatures. The other ways of capturing the Pokémon are by hitting the shark, revolving Pokémon and other things on the field. 

Presence of Pokémon Mart:

It is a pretty interesting feature of the Pokémon Pinball ROM. Mart is available just at the top right corner of the field and once the Pokeball enters the mart you will be able to update the gameplay. Here you can use the ball saver option, upgrade the Pokeball, get a timer bonus, enjoy the bonus challenge, etc. 

Final Words:

Download Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire ROM and enjoy the pretty simple gameplay. It was first released in 2003 and since then tens of thousands of fans have enjoyed it. So, why wait just click on the download button and get this game.

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