Pokemon Pinball Game Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Pinball
Size409 KB
RegionUSE, Europe

Contrary to other games of this genre Pokemon Pinball ROM is pretty simple to play like the old 19s games. From the graphics to the soundtrack in the background of the game will take you back to the past, that is the reason most players wanted to play this game to experience the excellent old-time games. 

About Pokemon Pinball ROM:

The user interface of this game is also really simple, on the main screen players will see three different options, the very first one is “Start the Game”, the second is “Pokedex”, and the last is the “Options” section to customize the features of the game, such as mute the music and such other stuff. 

Game first screen screenshot

You can select two different themes in the game, the very first one is RED, and the other is BLUE, there is nothing different in the gameplay of both, it’s just the colors that make it attractive. And just after the selection of the theme, the game will start. 

Two Themes Blue and Red

Here players enjoy the Pokeballs that you have to stop from going down. There are two robotic arms that go up and down and you have to hit the ball from it. Also, at the top of the screen, you also see that some other balls are placed in red color and you also have to try to hit those fixed balls with your Pokeball. And do not forget to check Pokemon Crystal ROM and Pokemon Bronze GBC ROM latest versions for free.

Final Words:

Pokemon Pinball GBC ROM is a pretty interesting game, and on our website, we provide it totally free. Just click on the download button and start enjoying this game on your Gameboy color console. Moreover, with the GBC emulator, you can also play this game on your PC or Android phone as well.