Game NamePokemon Phoenix Rising
Size532 MB
ConsoleNot Required
Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM Image

What really makes this Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM so special is its rich and detailed storyline. You will also experience pretty excellent graphics, new locations, unique Pokemon, and numerous other features, which will surely keep you entertained for hours.

Moreover, it is not an original version but a fan-based game that is designed by a group of volunteer game developers, so you are able to download and play this game free of cost. And most importantly there is no need to use any emulator or console, you can directly play it on your PC, this is the feature that gets a lot of appreciation from gamers. Must try Pokemon Fusion 2 SoulSilver ROM.

About Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM:

Just after the start of the game, you get to know about the complete information of this game and to move further into the Pokemon world first you have to select an avatar. There are two options you will get in this game, just select one and start the game. Remember there are no avatar customization options available in this game. 

Just like other Pokemon games you also have to mention your name as well, so the next time a professor or any other character will call you with that mentioned name, it helps you understand the chat, and make this game quite interesting. The attractive graphics, pretty soothing music, and top of all wide areas will surely make you its fan. 

Game SS

The game started at the Hawthorne Woods, an area in the Hawthorne Region. Moreover, plenty of other places are also available in this region, such as Nocturne Town, Excello Village, Sonata Town, and others. All these places are designed in a pretty attractive way, you will see mountains, beautifully designed fountains, and a lot of trees everywhere. 

Also, the menu and other options of this game are designed in a new way. While playing it on PC, to open the menu you have to press the button “X” and the pop-up menu will open at the top of the screen. From here you can access the “Journal”, “Bag”, “Tutorial”, and other such options. 

Town Map:

Town Map is a pretty user-friendly option of this game, from this, you can easily explore all the hidden places as well. To access the map, first, go to the menu and then click the bag option. And in the key items list you get the map. 

Game Image

Player-Oriented Game:

Unlike many other Pokemon games where you are bound to complete the missions, here nothing such restriction exists. This game offers you a free open world to explore where you can capture different Pokemon and if you like then complete the quest you can do whatever you want to do in this game. You can also try Pokemon Platinum Randomizer ROM.

Some Other Features:

  1. Numerous New Areas to Explore
  2. Advanced Storyline
  3. Mega Evolution and others.