Pokémon Pearl ROM – NDS Download for Android, iOS, PC

PublisherNintendo, The Pokémon Company
DeveloperGame Freak
GenreRole-playing Adventure
Game ModesSingle-player, Multiplayer
Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo DS
RegionJP, NA, AU, Europe, KOR, USA
Size26.5 MB

Play Pokémon Pearl version ROM online and start your journey as a Pokémon master and trainer with the goal of becoming champion of Sinnoh region’s Pokémon league. Be ready to vanish the Team Galactic and other gym leaders to earn some badges and game points which are necessary to play the league.

In this role-playing console game you have legendary Pokémon like Dialga or Palkia to capture, fight or train evil Pokémon characters. And do not forget to complete side quests to fill your Pokedex and get useful suggestions from Pikachu in difficult situations.

Game Story

Game story is simple as other Pokémon game series. You have to find Pokémon monsters by exploring different locations i.e. cities, forests, and caves. After finding each one you have to fight with them to capture and train them for the sake of purifying their souls from evil and save your arena from destruction.

In achieving your goal you will face many hardships in the game as you have to fight with powerful but evil Poke trainers. But in order to save the world and other innocent creatures you must win this game. So, be prepared for this adventurous and full of action storyline.


Pokémon Pearl ROM Features

  • Capture and Train different Pokémon characters: There are many unique Pokémon characters in the game with some special abilities you need to win or hold your position in championship. So, explore the game map as much as possible to fill your arsenal with powerful and wild Pokémon having super powers.
  • Evolve Your Pokémon: You can unlock many eccentric abilities of your Pokémon by leveling them up through gaining rewards from quests and fighting with gym leaders. You can also trade your Pokemon to another game player using wireless communication.
  • Customize Your Pokémon: This game is very famous and loved by people due to its fabulous features. This feature enables you to change your Pokémon name and his appearance by changing clothes and acquiring different accessories.
  • Game Modes: There are two game modes available i.e. Multiplayer, Single Player. Now you can play, contribute and trade with your friends within the game.

Installation Guide

  • Download the Citra Emulator which is best for Nintendo DS handheld game console.
  • After downloading emulator on your desires operating system i.e. Android, iOS, PC or MACbook download rom file from the download button.
  • Start the emulator and load the game zip file into it.
  • Start Playing 😀

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