Pokemon Outlaw Pre-Patched Download ZIP for GBA Emulator

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  • GBA4iOS: for iOS

NamePokemon Outlaw
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Original VersionPokemon Fire Red
GenreAdventure , Role-Playing
Size5.09 MB


The story is different as the player here is not 10-year old kid but 15-year old orphan belongs to a slum (poor/criminal area of the Kanto Region). The boy want to change his life and he works very hard on it to become a signature of greatness in this Pokemon world. His journey is not simple because he has to fight with many Powerful and dangerous Pokemon creatures, government, Gym leaders, criminals teams and some time with their own friends.


The gameplay is similar to Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon CAWPS and Pokemon Korosu but this ROM is built with the help of Fire Red codebase with a few changes in locations and characters. You have to explore the Kanto region as usual as you do in other Pokemon games to catch, train and fill your Pokedex with powerful Pokemon to become more stronger then your evil enemies and win this Pokemon championship.


Game Features

  • New Maps with some background and object changes.
  • In this game you can use running shoes inside buildings.
  • You can choose different starter Pokemon.
  • New funny dialogues and jokes.
  • A sort of Romantic relationship with your partner.
  • New Enemies including the Government, Police and Pokemon Trainers.
  • Mt.Moon and Viridian Forest are not available in this game.

Screenshots of Pokemon Outlaw ROM


This Pokemon game has an amazing and thrilling story and I got inspired by the struggle of the young boy. This game shows that how an ordinary young boy has made his fortune and show the world his real power by simply believing in himself. So, what are you waiting for download this game and start enjoying.

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