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This fan-made Pokemon Onyx Blue ROM game is developed by “Zatarion” and he offers the Final Beta version free of cost for everyone. This game is the hack version of the Pokemon Sapphire version, which was last updated in 2015. 



The game is set in the Onyx Region, a vast expanse of diverse terrains ranging from frigid mountain peaks to dense, mystic jungles.

Dynamic Day & Night Cycle: 

Depending on the time of day, players will encounter different Pokemon, face varying challenges, and will have the chance to explore secret events.

Pokemon Fusion: 

Unique to Onyx Blue, players can fuse two Pokemon to create a hybrid with combined abilities, opening the door to endless strategic gameplay.

Profession System: 

Apart from being a trainer, players can take on professions such as a Pokemon breeder, researcher, or even a gym leader, each adding layers to the core gameplay.

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Pokemon Onyx Blue ROM Features:

Extended Pokedex: 

Features a mix of Pokemon from various generations, along with unique Onyx Region Pokemon species. Over 400 Pokemon to catch, train, and evolve!

Multiple Save Slots: 

Players can have up to three different journeys, allowing them to experience different professions or story routes.

Online Battling and Trading: 

Connect with trainers worldwide, challenge them to battles, or trade Pokemon to complete your Pokedex.

Team Strategy: 

They are introducing a dual battle system, where players need to strategize team combinations and synergies.


The Onyx Region is facing a challenge like never before. The balance between Pokemon and nature is disrupted by a mysterious force, leading to unusual Pokemon behavior and natural disasters. Rumors abound about the mythical “Eclipse Stone,” said to hold the power to restore balance.

Players take on the role of either Liana or Leo, young trainers who embark on a journey not just to be the Pokemon Champion but to uncover the truth behind the chaos. Along the way, they’ll face the enigmatic Team Umbra, a group obsessed with harnessing the power of the Eclipse Stone for their own ends.

The storyline delves into the deeper connection between Pokemon and their environment, the consequences of exploiting that bond, and the lengths one would go to protect or misuse such power.

Final Words:

Engage in battles, form bonds, and save the Onyx Region from impending doom in Pokemon Onyx Blue ROM. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to the Pokemon world, this game promises a thrilling adventure you won’t forget.