Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM Image

Basic Information:

NamePokemon Omega Ruby Version
Size1.6 GB

Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM belongs to the 6th generation game and was released in 2014. As the most updated version of the game here you will face a lot of legendary Pokemon on the battlefield and to be on the top you also have to train yours. The pretty interesting gameplay, advanced 3D graphics like the ones in anime films, 700+ Pokemon creatures, and the presence of the most famous gym leaders make this game pretty fascinating.

About Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM:

Keep in mind that the starter Pokemon might be good at the initial fights but you also need more advanced Pokemon as well, and that can only be possible if you explore the area and start catching them. This adventurous game takes place in the region of Hoenn, and the town where you start the journey is called Littleroot. 

Also, the Pokemon Omega Ruby game supports the 3DS emulator, so to play, install the emulator on your PC. When you start playing the game Professor Birch will introduce you to the features and essential information related to this game. So that introduction will prove important to you, if you are a complete beginner, starting the game for the very first time. 

Meet with Different People of the area

The storyline is pretty interesting in this game, our protagonist’s family just landed in the town, and to shift all the luggage and other house stuff his family takes help from the Pokemon moving company, that is why you start seeing different giant Pokemon creatures at the very start. However, those are friendly Pokemon. 

As you play the role of Pokemon trainer, our main protagonist of the game. So, after the successful placement of all the house stuff, your mother introduced you to Professor Birch, who is just living right next to the house. Meeting with the professor is essential because he is the one who will provide you with the three starter Pokemon. 

The three starter Hoenn region Pokemon are Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic. I personally prefer Torchic because this one has fire-throwing power along with a pretty attractive look. However, you can select any one that you like, these three are available for every single player who starts playing this game.

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Enjoy the Pokemon Fights:

One thing that hasn’t changed in this Pokemon game is the fighting style. Just like any other Pokemon game here both the players get equal chances of attacking each other and the one whose health bar is depleted first will be the loser. Therefore, you have to build a strong strategy and use boosters to increase the XP of the Pokemon to win. 

Pokemon Fights

 A Pretty Diverse Game:

You will watch all the items in the house that are present in the real world such as TV, teddy bears, chairs, sofas, and other such things. Moreover, the outside area is also designed in a perfect manner which makes this game a pretty diverse one. You will see birds flying in the sky, the changing of days into nights, fully functional labs, multiple islands, and explore a lot of cities in this game. One of my favorite places to visit in the game is Battle Resort and Littleroot Town. 

Get Mach Bike in the Game:

To move faster from one place to another the facility of Bike is also available in Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS ROM, and to acquire this one you have to visit Mauville City. This city is full of unique Pokemon creatures, including the flying Pokemon, and to complete the Pokedex you have to capture all of them.

Best for Adventure Lovers:

Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM is full of adventure and entertainment. Here you visit a lot of exciting places where savage Pokemon try to attack your good friendly Pokemon and to overcome all of them you have to build the strategies and that would only be possible if you understand this game fully and access the next moves of your opponents. Moreover, to earn the best trainer badges you also have to fight with the powerful gym leaders as well.